Opportunity Green 2011 Interns

  • Angel Chiang

    Account Manager
    Born in Los Angeles and raised in neighboring Pasadena, Angel is a graduate from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a minor in Global Studies. She chose to intern with Opportunity Green in hopes to learn more about how sustainability can be achieved and how it affects the global community now and in the future. She has a passion for fashion, music, dance, and food, and in her spare time she enjoys snowboarding, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and trying anything new.

  • Suzi Clark

    Greening Assistant
    Suzi discovered her passion for the environment while in high school and is now a junior majoring in Environmental Science at UCLA. Last summer she volunteered with One Heart Source, an organization at UCLA which strives for sustainable solutions to poverty and disease for children in Tanzania. This summer, her practical education continues with Opportunity Green’s Gteam, and Suzi is excited to learn about corporate greening and how businesses can collaboratively work toward sustainability. When she isn’t learning or interning, Suzi is most likely re-reading a favorite book or rehearsing with her dance team.

  • Sara Glaser

    Social Media Manager
    Sara Glaser - Executive Producer, 1st Assistant Director, Social Activist, received a BA in Cinema from San Francisco State University. Upon moving to Los Angeles she immersed herself in the life of film production. She has worked as a 1st AD on a number of projects including cause-oriented independent features and state-funded documentaries. In addition, Sara also involves herself in field organizing on grassroots political campaigns. She has been described as “Dedicated, hard-working, and capable of demonstrating amazing grace under tremendous pressure.” Glaser’s social activism efforts are dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of Earth’s ecosystems and stem from the belief that restructuring the relationships between communities and local and state governments can optimize performance, transparency, and accountability to ultimately achieve positive social gains in a financially sustainable ways. She will soon earn a M.B.A. in Sustainable Management with which she will continue producing cause-oriented films and building skills to facilitate the creation of positive change agents in business and society.

  • Sean In

    HR/Production Coordinator
    Sean In is a proud and recent graduate of UCLA where he majored in Geography and Environmental Studies. Originally an Economics major, he was thrilled to be part of a company whose mission is to balance people, planet, and profit. A Southern California native, Sean loves to pursue his passion of music through playing the guitar and drums. Recently, he studied Brazilian percussion but his favorite genre to play would have to be big band jazz. Currently, he continues his role as Supervisor at the UCLA Store in addition to interning for Opportunity Green. During his spare time, Sean enjoys going to the park to play basketball with his friends or exploring beautiful Los Angeles.

  • Miki Koga

    Production Assistant
    After volunteering at OG10, Opportunity Green remained on Miki’s radar as an innovative green hub and leader. Now, she is excited to translate her experience planning and executing fashion shows and speaker events into the production of this year’s grand-scale conference. With her B.A. in Geography/Environmental Studies from UCLA in hand, Miki upholds a commitment to ethical, social, economic, and environmental sustainability. As a Bay Area native and Los Angeles lover, she is confident that California will lead the way to a sustainable future. In her free time, Miki enjoys bussing around the city to her favorite circuit of vegetarian restaurants, thrift stores, music venues, and cultural communities.

  • Daniella Kuttner

    Sales Associate
    Daniella Kuttner is in her final year at Occidental College and will be completing a BA in Diplomacy and World Affairs with a minor in Latin American Studies. She joined Opportunity Green to gain experience into the unknown world of working professionals and to help work for a cause worth fighting for. When she is not working for Opportunity Green you can find her at her school's community garden pulling weeds and tending to the chickens or more likely munching on some freshly picked veggies.

  • Carly Lyons

    Volunteer Recruiter
    Carly is a graduate from UCLA with a degree in Environmental Science and a minor in Geography/Environmental Studies. She is originally from Georgia, but since moving out to California, she has found her passion for the environment. Her interest in Opportunity Green spurred from wanting to pursue the link between sustainability and the business sector. She is a former swimmer on the UCLA Swim Team and brings her experience and involvement in recruiting to the OG team. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach and exploring what Los Angeles has to offer.

  • Grace  Song

    Grace Song

    Grace Song is a rising senior in UCLA majoring in Business Economics. She has passions in sustainable business and accounting. During her work she shows her responsibility and accountability. She insists on healthy eating and hopes for a more natural lifestyle. Growing up in China, she realizes the seriousness of environment issues in the world. In her spare time she loves sports and travelling to different places.

  • Kendall  Starkman

    Kendall Starkman

    Executive Assistant
    Kendall is a graduate from UCLA with a degree in Political Science. After exploring her interest in international affairs while travelling in South Africa and, later, interning in Washington, D.C. she began to recognize the growing environmental problems that challenge our local communities. Seeing the need for the success of sustainable businesses to promote green living, joining the Opportunity Green team was an easy decision. When she is not juggling countless sponsor requests she enjoys camping and backpacking and can oftentimes be found at local beach cleanups or keeping in touch with friends on her trusty Droid.

  • Jasmin  Thomson

    Jasmin Thomson

    Speaker Liason
    With over five years experience as a program manager for Fortune 500 clients and a PhD candidate in Industrial Organizational Psychology at Alliant International University, she has recently joined Opportunity Green to connect with visionary and ground breaking leaders as they inspire and transform industries into a greener way of doing business. Her particular expertise is change management, organizational assessments and succession planning. She specialized in aligning organizational behavior with business strategy.

  • Tara Ting

    Tara Ting

    Graphic Designer
    Tara Ting is a rising senior in UCLA majoring in Design and Media Arts. With experience of design in school and in the freelance field, she has long been interested in combining contemporary design and technology to express her design sense. As a designer with a goal of utilizing design to assist businesses, Tara loves to pursue her passion in a wider scope and explore more of the roles design plays in a society. Joining the Opportunity Green team leads her one step closer to her goal.

  • Jesse Valdez

    Jesse Valdez

    Video Editor
    Jesse Valdez was born and raised in Riverside County. He is a graduate from Film Entertainment Connection in Los Angeles. Which has given him many opportunities to work on local commercials and documentaries as well as being a director’s assistant and post-production assistant on the independent film, Rushlights. He also has been serving in the Marine Corps Reserve for five years now. Currently he is a video editor at Inland News Today and pursuing his associates in Film Production while working with Opportunity Green. In his free time, he stays athletic, enjoys the nightlife, and concerts while reading about upcoming comic book movies.

  • Nayeli Guerrero  Velez

    Nayeli Guerrero Velez

    Marketing Manager
    Nayeli is a go-getter and a proud Bruin. At UCLA, Nayeli earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and studied Mandarin Chinese. Before graduation, Nayeli was honored with a merit scholarship to travel to Beijing, China, wherein she continued to refine her Mandarin at the prestigious Beijing Normal University. Also, during her time at UCLA she volunteered as a community leader for a mentoring organization, called Latinas Guiding Latinas, an organization which exposes grade school girls in East Los Angeles to the possibility and opportunities of a college education. After graduation, Nayeli was hired by a top management program. There, she learned how to run a business. The experience convinced her that she needed to pursue business school and obtain an MBA focusing in Marketing to truly maximize her potential. Currently, Nayeli is taking on her own small business venture, and working closely with Latinas Guiding Latinas of Tomorrow, a non-profit professional network for under-represented women in all industries—an extension of her earlier work and commitment to bringing more opportunities to minority women. She applied to Opportunity Green while following her passion for learning and she is excited to learn about sustainability and how it is changing the way we do business as well as making our world a greener place.