Sustainability Program - Message from the Cofounders

Opportunity Green’s ambition is to help companies innovate and become more sustainable. Sustainability is a great opportunity for our businesses to reduce risks, to improve their image and competitiveness, to motivate employees, to reduce costs, and all in all to improve their profitability. We are proud to support the commitment of forward-thinking executives, managers and professionals toward the lofty goal of leaving the world in a better place than we found it!

For our operations, our goal is to lead by example.

To achieve this goal and reduce our environmental footprint, we have been implementing a wide range of sustainable actions regarding the conference’s venue, attendees’ transportation, energy, water and waste management, catering and accommodation and our communication.

This has been possible thanks to our partners and suppliers committed to high standards of ethical business practices and constantly innovating in terms of sustainability.

We have made significant progress toward sustainable growth since OG was created 5 years ago. In 2010 we were extremely pleased to reach a material diversion rate of 96.3% during the two-day conference. We will try to do as well this year and to extend the period of collection to the weeks before and after the conference.

In 2011, our targets will also be to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transport and to offset 100% of our CO2 emissions.

We are also hoping to produce our 2011 sustainability report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework.

Our sustainability policy has begun to be recognized externally. This year, OG was a finalist for BizBash’s West Event Style Awards (“Best Green Initiative for an Event” category) and won CPSC’s Golden Arrow Award for Overall Excellence in Product Stewardship.

We are now looking forward to making further contributions to the sustainable development of our society, to continue to share our experience with our stakeholders, to inspire others, while providing people a forum to exchange sustainable and innovative ideas!

Best regards,

Karen Solomon, Mike Flynn