Event Sustainability - Communication

For its communication, Opportunity Green works to reduce paper usage and utilizes sustainable papers and inks when necessary.

Our company has committed to banning mineral-based inks and paper sourced from controversial sources. We seek to utilize paper with certified 100% Post-Consumer-Waste recycled paper, vegetable-based inks, and chlorine-free bleaching processes.

Our paper sponsor for 2010, Neenah Paper, provided 100% Post-Consumer-Waste recycled paper for our programs, venue maps, and signs, while ColorWest, a Burbank-Based printing company, used soy-based ink for all of Opportunity Green’s printing needs.

A considerable amount of our directional and informational signage last year was composed of old signage from previous conferences. Every year we try and avoid printing dates and other year-specific information on the actual signage itself, often adhering sheets of paper with such information so we can preserve the main boards for future conferences. For the remaining signage that had more specific information (e.g. agenda boards, etc.), we printed on 100% recyclable Ultraboard using soy-based inks as well.

In addition, AdVinylize sponsored our gift bags by providing tote bags made entirely from discarded billboards. We also selected sustainable gifts we thought would really be useful and used by our guests over time.