Event Sustainability - Venue

Each year, Opportunity Green strives to make its conference venue both sustainable and visually appealing.

Los Angeles Center Studios provides the framework for a sustainable venue.

In 2005, the entire premises was re-designed with sustainability in mind: management installed a recycling and composting program, waterless urinals and low-flow faucets and toilets, recycled carpet tiles, and native drought-resistant plants, among other measures.

Even the eatery, Flix Café, strives for sustainability by cooking with organic, locally-sourced food served on compostable dishes.

Together, these efforts resulted in a 26% reduction in water consumption and in just one year, LACS’s recycling initiatives saved an estimated 159 tons of paper and plastic and 1 million gallons of water!

Opportunity Green built upon the Center Studios’ foundation with the help of Gensler Architects, who lends years of expert experience in LEED-certified innovative design to the conference.

Classic Party Rentals, meanwhile, known for its diligent reuse of its temporary canvas structures and event supplies, has provided the majority of our conferences lounges, exhibits, tables, chairs, stages, etc.

To furnish the conference, our designers challenge themselves and work with state-of-the-art companies to provide environmentally friendly furniture and textiles.

In 2010 we worked with Maharam and Designtex, two textile companies that manufacture under ISO 14001 standards and LEED certification. Furniture from Knoll Design was made from wood harvested from non-controversial sources, and Coalesse provided seating including carcinogen-free chrome. Together with Interstuhl, Room & Board and Environment, these companies assured guests lounged in green comfort!

We also pay great attention to our art installations. Sustainability and design saw their zenith in our 2010 central art installation: the Tree of Light. Designed by Gensler, and constructed entirely of re-purposed wood and LED lights, this work was a physical manifestation of the 2010 conference’s “interconnected” theme and showed a harmonic blend of ecology and beauty.