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What more can be said about the man who, alongside Jamais, single-handedly helped make “green” media what it is today? Having built TreeHugger into the premiere eco-destination online, Graham is now moving on to bigger and better things – having recently folded the blog into Discovery Communications and getting ready to launch its new green venture, Planet Green.

OG: What do you hope to gain from the Opportunity Green Conference?

Since I started almost 4 years ago now, I haven’t had many opportunities to get out and talk to people in the movement faceto face so I’m really looking forward to meeting other green entrepreneurs and hearing their stories.

Which speaker(s) are you most looking forward to hearing? Who would be your dream speaker?

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing John Picard, Jamais Cascio, Bill Reichert and Kevin Wall. Dream speakers….hmmmm…Gandhi!

What was your inspiration for starting TreeHugger? How has it helped further your vision for a green and sustainable future?

I figured that the world needed a place that would make it convenient to find modern, green products, services and environmental news that might inspire lazy, shallow and positivity seeking people like myself.

After 15,000 posts, TreeHugger has opened my eyes to what an incredible array of green options exist in the world. I believe the technologies that will allow us to live in a sustainable manner on earth are here now, we simply have to develop the personal/political will to start using them.

Now that you’ve built TreeHugger into a green media juggernaut, what comes next? How are you planning of taking advantage of the new resources available to you at Discovery Communications?

I’m excited to work with Discovery’s Planet Green effort in order to fan the fire that we’ve built over the past few years (maybe not the best analogy). Discovery has made the biggest commitment of any media company towards green and I’m looking forward to helping in their mission. With TreeHugger, a 24 hr green channel launching in 2008 and an accompanying full blown Planet Green website, there’s plenty to do!

What are some concrete steps our government and the rest of the world could take to begin addressing the impact of global climate change? What is the role of the business community in making that happen?

I believe the government can help create a landscape within which consumers and business can operate that coaxes as all towards living a sustainable life. Government may help in getting us all to start accounting for the externalities which we’ve ignored for so long.

I believe the business community by taking a longer term view can make decisions which will not only help the environment but will build competitive advantage over time. I believe that it is business’s role as part of society to consider their impacts and work to reduce them over time. As someone once said “You can’t eat GNP”.

What is the future of sustainable entrepreneurship? What new business models or technologies do you see emerging within the next few decades?

I believe that it’s a very high growth area and one that will have a massive impact. Through the democratization of technology (read: cheap and easy), there will be a ton of internet, mobile and fablab companies coming online.

Are you hopeful about the long-term viability of the sustainability movement? How hungry do you really think the world community is for change?

It’s no fun to not be hopeful!

I think in general people fear change but luckily many of the sustainable solutions being created appeal to their self interest while at the same time being better long term for the planet.

What does a green L.A mean to you?

A green L.A. to me would be one with much improved sustainable transportation options and ways of being efficient with water.

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