Opportunity Green gets demo of GreenOps Recycling Tracking Stations at Whole Foods in L.A.

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GreenOps Founder Anthony Zolezzi & Opportunity Green Advisor Marc Alt demo the Green Ops Tracking Station outside Whole Foods

Looking for an alternative to curbside recycling?  The Los Angeles based company, GreenOps, believes it has a viable solution. Focused on recovering the bottles and cans that are not making it into the recycling bin, GreenOps has partnered with Whole Foods to launch the first wave of its recycling program.  Last week, GreenOps founder Anthony Zolezzi demonstrated the newly installed GreenOps Tracking Station in front of Whole Foods in Los Angeles to Opportunity Green Advisory Board Member Marc Alt.

The tracking station, with a similar look and feel to a Coinstar machine, offers consumers an easy method to recycle and receive incentives. Companies participating in the GreenOps program are given a new channel to engage their consumers via a direct message on the Tracking Video screen, creating an attractive avenue for product differentiation.

GreenOps - How it Works

Nearly 7,000 products are able to be scanned by the GreenOps Tracking Station and more products are added daily.

How Does It Work?

Step 1:  Scan your recyclable item at a local GreenOps Tracking Station, found at multiple Whole Foods market locations.

Step 2: Each time you recycle using the GreenOps Tracking Station, you receive a receipt indicating the number of items recycled and a deposit statement with a prize code redeemable for points at Greenopolis.com.

Step 3: Cash in on your points online at greenopolis.com and keep recycling to earn more!

Check out the video demo to learn more:



Graphic courtesy of Greenopolis.com

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  1. Juli

    06. Aug, 2009

    Where does all this plastic go that you are recapturing? it cannot be made into another bottle, so what are you doing with it?

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