GreenHouse International Woos Investors At Roadshow In NYC

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On October 8, GreenHouse International held its road show for the financial investment community at the Green House Club (no relation to the company) in downtown Manhattan. GreenHouse International, a San Diego-based eco-house builder and provider of alternative fuels, is raising money in efforts to establish a network of ethanol filling stations that are literally in people’s backyards.

GreenHouse has an exclusive contract to install the EFuel MicroFueler, made by E-Fuel of Los Gatos, CA. Invented by Tom Quinn, a Silicon-Valley entrepreneur who also developed the motion-control system for the Nintendo Wii, the MicroFueler comprises a 250-gallon feedstock container and a separate unit holding the still, fuel tank and pumping station. The equipment sells for $10,000 but buyers receive a tax credit of $5,000 which halves the cost.


According to Karen Hutchens, the PR representative for GreenHouse says “we have been very well received by the investment community this week – across large scale and social capital investors.” She adds that GreenHouse’s announcement regarding the agreement with Las Vegas on the non-food based ethanol to fuel the municipal of Las Vegas has helped significantly.

Its three primary business segments—GreenHouse Builders, GreenHouse Energy and GreenHouse Community—address broad markets from homeowners and the building industry to corporations, governments, and Third World countries. GreenHouse has received substantial press with the help of GreenHouse investor and early adaptor, LA Laker Shaquille O’Neal.

Opportunity Green representatives present were OG Advisors, Marc Alt and Lex Heslin, along with Justine Suh, the East Coast OG Contributor.

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