Live Blogging OG09: Clorox’s Beth Springer Brings It On

Posted on 08. Nov, 2009 by in Clean Tech, Design & Culture, Interviews

Beth Springer, Executive VP at The Clorox Company gave a high-energy, information dense presentation about how a nearly 100 year old company took the road towards sustainability. Beth followed on the heels of Joe Laur, an author and sustainability consultant, who talked about breaking down patterns — and recognizing new ones — in large organizations. The two complemented each other beautifully.

Speaking Frankly and Intelligently

Beth certainly didn’t dumb things down, and she was frank about where Clorox has not met its goals in terms of greening and sustainability — all of which contributed to the power of her presentation, by outlining just how difficult and deep-reaching sustainability initiatives must be, especially for established corporations.

The most important take-away from Springer’s talk? Probably that change must be sustained and systemic. Take your time, plan, plan some more, set achievable goals — then take action.

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