Live Blogging OG09: OG 25 Contest Rocks the Room

Posted on 08. Nov, 2009 by in Design & Culture

The OG25 start-up contest culminated in a whirlwind on-stage presentation by 13 of the finalists at Opportunity Green this morning. The crowd was definitely along for the ride, clapping and cheering for every presenter, and the energy level in the room got pretty high as presenters raced to finish their pitch in under a minute.

Cheers erupted when the Green Box guy started tearing apart their signature pizza box, turning it into plates and a serving wedge. How many people have wrestled with trying to fit a pizza box into their recycling bin? Hello!

Kopali snacks, which came last came up with a tried-but-true method for gaining crowd support: throwing free samples into the audience. BTTR ventures talked about their tiny mushroom growing start-up, while Balqon corporation talked about their electric trucks.

Recycle Match talked about matching creators of waste with those who can use that waste, and making money in the process. Powerzoa warned us all about “vampire power” waste.

The presentations were all great, inspiring and really fun to watch. There’s no doubt that the OG 25, introduced this year, is going to be a key feature of Opportunity Green going forward.

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