Opportunity Green’s Top 5 Eco-Spirits

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Dear readers and other eco-evangelistas,

We all know there are a lot of choices when it comes to deciding on what beverage to get; shots, martinis, white Russians, or even a screwdriver. Then you have the variations of each drink, like on the rocks, straight up, with cola, etc. So many decisions, all the while there is a big bouncer-type guy standing behind you at the bar staring you down while you make a choice. Sounds stressful! Thankfully there are a few (really, more than just a few) distilleries that have taken this time-old process and brought it into the present by making their products from organic resources or using sustainable packaging, or both! Also included in this post, are some festive ways to enjoy these cocktails during the holidays! Enjoy!

I present to you:

Opportunity Green’s Top 5 Eco-Spirits

#1 VeeV Açai Spirit – A better way to drink. – @VeeVAcaiSpirit

VeeV is the world’s first Açai spirit. Grown and harvested in the Brazilian Rainforest, the national fruit of Brazil is considered to be the world’s preeminent superfruit. Packed with nutrients, this purple berry tastes like an exotic blend of dark berries with the added benefit of 57% more antioxidants than pomegranates or blueberries.

Why they are cool:

$1 from every bottle sold goes to Sambazon’s Sustainable Açai Project, which directly benefits the farming communities that harvest Açai berries, promotes organic organization, and ensures that Açai is “wild harvested” to ensure the surrounding environment isn’t destroyed while being picked.

VeeV Açai Spirit is the industry’s first Carbon Neutral Company with the help of the organization Climate Clean.

VeeV distilleries are powered by wind energy.

Holiday Recipe: Under the Mistletoe

2 oz. VeeV Açai Spirit
White Cranberry Juice
Mint and frozen cranberries for garnish

Build in an ice-filled rocks glass.  Garnish with the mint and cranberries.

#2 360 Vodka – Eco Friendly Vodka

360 Vodka became very popular by being the first eco-friendly premium vodka. It is crafted from a philosophy for eco-awareness and corporate responsibility. Every bottle of 360 Vodka is quadrupled distilled using a very energy efficient process, with every bushel of grain being used and nothing going to waste. It also is five-times filtered at Earth Friendly Distilling Company which has improved its eco-footprint measurably over the last five years.

Why they are cool:

They use 85% recycled glass bottles, and their paper is processed chlorine free.

They use 100% post-consumer waste and 100% recycled content.

In the production of their labeling they were able to save 193 fully grown trees, 82,776 gallons of water, 9,255 lbs of solid waste, and 18,052 lbs of greenhouse gasses.

Holiday Recipe: Merry New Years!

1 cl. 360 Vodka
1 cl. Grenadine

Stir Vodka and Grenadine with Ice. Fill in a champagne glass without the ice and fill up with champagne.

#3 Square One Organic Vodka – A Singular Spirit

Square One believes in creating a luxurious spirit that is one part organic North Dakota-grown Rye, one part farmers market, and one part activist. Their water is drawn from deep aquifers, reflecting its origin in the pristine Teton Range of Wyoming. Square One’s unique organic fermentation technique combines with a classic four-column distillation and filtration. They have three flavors, Original, Botanical, and Cucumber.

Why they are cool:

They are a female-owned company that strives to provide a fair work-life balance.

25% of its power comes from wind energy.

Supporting the “green” industry by sponsoring events such as LOHAS10 and the Global Green and Environmental Media Awards.

Holiday Recipe: Cranberry Dream

1-1/2 ounce Square One Organic Rye Vodka
6-8 Fresh cranberries
1/2 ounce Fresh lime
1/2 ounce St Elizabeth Allspice Dram
Dash of organic simple syrup

Combine ingredients in an ice-filled glass. Garnish with lime wheels.

#4 TRU Organic Spirits – A better vodka for a better planet.

Five years ago, husband-and-wife team Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew, infused with Slow Food ideals and deeply ingrained eco-sensibilities, harnessed their passion into Modern Spirits, which is a line of uniquely infused Artisan vodkas and gin. In 2008, Modern Spirits expanded their ecological efforts and introduced TRU Vodka, America’s first completely sustainable spirits line. This means TRU Vodkas are organic, packaged in 100% recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Furthermore, to improve the environment and reward every customer, Modern Spirits plants a tree for every bottle sold.

Why they are cool:

TRU maintains clean farmland and groundwater. By being organic, ingredients that go into TRU don’t contain synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms.

They reduce waste and pollution through their exclusive use of lightweight bottles, recycled and recyclable materials and dual-use packaging (TRU shipping boxes convert into shelf displays for the product).

By being efficient and careful in the manufacturing process and planting a tree a bottle, two ounces of TRU vodka—the amount in a standard cocktail—help remove 62 kgs of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. (Who knew drinking would reduce carbon?)

Holiday Recipe: Honey Drop

3 oz. TRU Organic Straight vodka
Squeeze of fresh grapefruit

Combine ingredients into shaker. Shake/strain into martini glass, garnish with swirl of honey.

#5 Ocean Vodka – Drink Organically – @OceanVodka

Meet Ocean Vodka, Hawaii’s own organic vodka blend. It is produced and sold on the island of Maui. Using USDA Certified Organic sugarcane, Ocean Vodka uses cane that isn’t genetically modified or has been treated with herbicides or pesticides. Not to mention that they are a company that believes in sustainability by using energy efficient lighting, and recycling all shipping materials.

Why they are cool:

No fresh water! Their water comes from Koyo USA. They actually retrieve deep ocean sea water (3,000 feet below ocean surface) and gently desalinize it to create a pure water source.

Money from the sales of their vodka goes to support various groups advocating cleaner oceans.

Utilizes reusable stainless steel shipping containers to ship bulk spirits and deep sea water.

Holiday Recipe: Crimson Tide Martini

4 oz. Ocean Vodka
1 oz. Cranberry Juice
1 oz. Pomegranate Juice
Squeeze of Orange

Add all ingredients into shaker with ice. Shake and pour into martini glass. Garnish with fresh pomegranate or orange twist.

From all of us here at Opportunity Green we would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday!

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  1. Mary

    07. Jan, 2010

    I don’t even drink, but these recipes sound sooo good!

  2. Simon

    18. Jan, 2010

    As the world’s only sustainable vodka, 360 Vodka was designed to achieve one very important goal – leave the smallest footprint on earth. For this reason, 360 Vodka is made with the finest grown American grain as it leaves a smaller footprint than organic grain. Growing organic grain requires more land, more soil, more water and more seed that leaves a larger footprint on earth. The local grain used by 360 Vodka is also grown less than 95 miles from the distillery, reducing fossil fuel consumption in transporting raw materials to the distillery. This further reduces the footprint. This commitment to the smallest footprint is what sets 360 Vodka apart from organic vodkas and makes it the better choice for the planet. 360 Vodka is not intended to be an organic vodka, but rather a sustainable vodka committed to the environment with our partner Global Green USA. We create programs that support the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. Our billboard signs are made with recycled materials and later turned into reusable shopping bags. Our bar mats are made with recycled tires and our notebooks with recycled yogurt containers. We’ve implemented composting and recycling programs in bars and restaurants across the US and recently donated more than 336 gallons of compostable produce from one cocktail event in New Orleans to a local farm. We even ship our bottles in the same blue recycle bins used for curb side recycling.

  3. Brian

    10. May, 2010

    Maybe it’s just the packaging but this Vodka looks delicious. I’m anxious to try out a few of your recipes real soon.

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