Ranked 4th Globally in #green–Nominate @oppgreen for a Shorty Award!!

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green shorty award

Movies have the Oscars, music has the Grammy’s, and literature has the Pulitzer.  Now, Twitter has the Shorty Awards.  In its second yeard, the Shorty Awards are emerging as a world wide, social media phenomenon.  Leaders of  Twitter communities and categories are being voted on every day by friends, followers, and fans.

What does it mean to be the official #green leader?

It means leading sustainability and #green business in ways that push the envelope.  It means involving the community, promoting innovation and creativity, and a willingness to represent the change we need to see in this world.

The OG team strives everyday to bring #green conversation into the forefront.  We believe Twitter is a platform for connecting business leaders, innovators, and clean tech designers.  Whether we tweet about new blogs, current events, or other tweets, social media is a central element to the daily operations @ Opportunity Green.

We are currently in 4th place.  Not too shabby but not too great either! Each @oppgreen tweet helps grow a sustainable culture of sustainability and communicate the positive impact of a triple bottom line.

shorty awards screen shot

If you value the tweets of @oppgreen, please rt: ” I nominate @oppgreen 4 a Shorty Award in #green b/c they [enter awesome reason]!”

Thank you again for your support and the best of luck to all!

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