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Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin from KIPP talked about the extensive problem of the education system in America where only 1 of 10 children graduates from college.

“We don’t believe we have proven what is possible, but we have proven what is not impossible in public schools.” It’s way worse out there than we think, and we need a much greater sense of urgency.

Mike and Dave is challenging our understanding of teaching and learning. Creating a culture of no excuses for the students and teachers. It is beyond academics, it is to build character. If we shift our perceptive from focusing on different periods of a person education, they propose the “PreK-16 and beyond” model – complete and total reform.

Lets together rethink education, the future and the possibility.

@cnntech: KIPP school co-fndr: “We are doing thgs jst b/c someone before us told us it had to be this way ..today, that stops ..2+2 can be 5.” #TED

@onepinktee: KIPP founders: “Education is broken because we do too many things because someone told us that’s how they should be” #TED

Children may not be always great at learning from adults but they have never failed to imitate them #TED by @martinvars

RT @bagthegood: #TED 2010 session 8: Mike Feinberg/ Dave Levin (educators), for more info on them, check out this bag: http://bagtheweb.com/b/IwyE1NGquJui

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