Simplicity vs. Complexity

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“Whatever inspiration is, it comes from a continuous I don’t know” Magnus Lindkvist, a TED You speaker talks about his cure for the loss of creativity. “Genetically, we’re 99.5% the same. 0.5% of us is different = 43hrs 12mins of uniqueness per year.”

“Complexity is highly evolved but simplicity is almost untouched in the academic world.” – There is a close relationship between simplicity and complexity.  If you look at technology as a building block, the idea starts out simple and becomes stackable so it can grow and expand.  He ended with quoting Einstein,”Everything should be made as simple as possible, not simpler” and de Saint-Exupery,”You know you’ve achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but hen you have nothing more to take away.”


As a designer, these are the premises of our thinking and it is fascinating to hear it from a Chemist. :)

@cheloreilly: how to sit next to a physicist at a dinner party and have a conversation: start talking about simplicity/complexity -whitesides #TED

@charityfocus: “There are many rewards in thinking about complexity, not many in thinking about simplicity.” –Whiteside #Ted

@brainpicker: #TED Whitesides: “Simple things” are stackable. Value builds with numbers.

@ashdonaldson: The devices are linked nodes to each other – forming networks – & the Internet: Stacked simplicity #TED

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