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Sue Rigler, who participated in last year’s Tour de OG (biking with other participants from San Francisco to Los Angeles and arriving just in time for our conference), is also the founder of Your Promo Place and Advinylize.  They offer creative, zestful, and fashionable solutions to a squandering business system (much like Sue who is a triathlete and spin instructor in addition to being an environmental vigilante).

Yes, billboards can be seen by anyone (at OG, we’re particularly aware of this fact since we’re based in have to travel the concrete jungle of Los Angeles). But what happens to billboards after their short-lived lives?  Well, they turn into 85 pounds of unprofitable vinyl that are thrown into landfills.  Sue, who was unsettled by the alarming amount of junk billboards produce, came up with an ingenious answer: convert the vinyl into promotional products.

To contest the shortsighted nature of the billboard industry, Sue started Your Promo Place and Advinylize.  She reaches out to companies who would otherwise discard their outdated billboards.  Ingeniously, she remodels the already branded bits and pieces of vinyl into products that corporations can use as promotional giveaways or sell to shoppers.

Sue and her staff offer up anything from messenger bags, grocery totes and insulated cooler bags to checkbook covers.  Their boutique handiwork is founded on the fact that billboard vinyl is resistant to UV, rain snow, wind and heat.  By re-examining a commonplace conundrum in the business world, and then applying this trash for another use, Your Promo Place and Advinylize have discovered a “greener” application for advertising.

And, the standard they are setting certainly isn’t going unnoticed.

Recently, the OAAA, in their Outdoor Outlook newsletter, announced the commencement of a more sustainable policy for billboards.  Sue’s concept, and her companies, Your Promo Place and AdVinylize, undoubtedly set at least some of an example for the advertising industry to follow.  And, Sue reported this event on her personal blog:

The outdoor advertising industry appears to be taking many proactive steps to minimize its impact on the environment as reported this week in OAAA’s Outdoor Outlook newsletter.

From converting to PE substrates for single sheet posters to refitting bulletin structures with LED lighting to using alternative energy sources to power billboards at night, the industry is placing environmental concerns front and center.

These steps, while requiring investment up front, are the right thing to do and add up to a big win: for advertisers, for consumers and for the environment.

AdVinylize is proud to be part of the solution and is continuing to work with advertisers and their agencies to repurpose retired billboard vinyls.  With 600,000 tons printed annually in the United States alone, there is a lot that can be done.

Got used vinyl?  Call us 310-318-8877 for free pick up and conversion into durable items you can use.

It’s great that a small organization that advocates repurposing and sustainability can help in influencing a historic change in the corporate world.  Nice work Sue!

If you want to learn more about Sue Rigler or explore AdVinylize and Your Promo Place’s website and products, click this link:

And be sure to keep up with AdVinylize’s blog too:

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