Design Leaders at Gensler Bring Cutting Edge Look to Opportunity Green 2010

Posted on 17. Aug, 2010 by in Design & Culture

 This year, greenteam USA and Gensler have both partnered with Opportunity Green to design and curate a uniquely interactive experience geared towards exploring these essential links.  Opportunity Green has always celebrated and fostered these connections, and thanks to the brilliant Irwin Miller and his dedicated Gensler design team, on September 22-24th, at Los Angeles Center Studios, we will discover how remarkable Interconnectivity can be.

“We felt it was important to bring the user and the attendee into the design of the space and the conference,” states Miller.  “We have programmed installations into the venue that are truly interactive, allowing each person to understand that we are all a part of Opportunity Green, in a larger sense.”

A few years ago, the idea of designing with an eco-conscious mindset was a novelty.  It was expensive and time-consuming to source truly sustainable materials.   Building a strong community focused on innovative new materials is bringing a new aesthetic to the industry.

This September, as you enter the Los Angeles Center Studios complex, the sustainability-driven home of Mad Men, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and the Terminator franchise, one of the first things you will see is a massive, fully up-cycled, tree installation.  The interconnected sculpture will be made up of a combination of multiple, repurposed LED panels from iOS Light, reclaimed wood, and recycled cardboard tubing.  Opportunity Green will look to attendees to create the ‘leaves’ by bringing business cards and recyclable paper and inserting them individually into the ‘tree.’

 Additionally, playing on the Hollywood aspect of our new venue, Gensler and the OG design team have been working on a series of ‘networking lounges’ built to resemble working film sets. Award winning companies such as Kimball Office presenting Interstuhl, and Environment have also contributed to make these lounges incredibly comfortable, unique, and eco-chic.


We are looking forward to having all of our favorite people together again at the conference this year, and we hope you enjoy the look and feel of Opportunity Green: Inter 2010.

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