Panel: Green Product Design and the Drive Toward Zero

Posted on 23. Sep, 2010 by in Design & Culture, Entrepreneurship

It was back to the Mad Men sound stage for a panel discussion this afternoon, and sadly, no sight of that rascal Don Draper. Sigh … But even better, messenger bag god and former CEO of Timbuk2 Designs, Mark Dwight, was among a group that discussed green product design. Dwight left Timbuk2 a few years back and now runs Rickshaw Bagworks out of San Francisco.

“Perfection is the enemy of progress in this journey,” he said. “Don’t wait around for the perfect solution. There isn’t one. There’s always an unintended consequence.”

Dwight said the ultimate goal at Rickshaw is to “drive toward zero.” The Power of Zero is the company’s rallying cry and a mantra on how to operate internally and communicate to the outside world, he says.

Also on the panel was Gopal Krishnan, senior director of global marketing innovation and new categories for The Coca-Cola Company. A participant asked which was better: recyclable or compostable packaging. “Recyclable is more important than compostable to us,” Krishnan said. “We believe it’s much more efficient to melt down a bottle and make another one instead of starting all over and creating a brand new bottle.”

Panel member Jason Foster, founder and CEO of Replenish, said his reusable bottle is getting a lot of attention, but he’s as excited about the cleaning solution inside. It’s non-toxic, pH neutral and biodegradable—a very rare combination for a cleaning product. Watch for Replenish’s flagship product to be out later this year.

Written by AHA! for Opportunity Green.

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