Day 2 at OG: A Few Morning Highlights

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Andreas Klugescheid, vice president of governmental affairs for BMW Group, illustrated the brand’s progress on sustainability issues this morning through a series of cartoons. Each depicted aspects of its “What’s Next” sustainability campaign, including zero emissions, use of alternative fuels and renewable energy, recycling, and demographic change.

One recent innovation from the group on the zero emission front is the Megacity Vehicle, which will be on the market in 2013. It is part of BMW’s Project I, Klugescheid said, and it features an emission-free electric drive train and a carbon-fiber body. This revolutionary vehicle is just one of BMW’s projects in looking at the future of mobility.

“The future driver will not buy a car; they will buy mobility,” he said.

Klugescheid also emphasized the point that CO2 reduction is now an aim for society as a whole, and solving it will require all stakeholders—private sector, NGOs, governments and consumers.

In addition to hearing from BMW on mobility issues, we heard from an expert in the building industry—another Andreas—Andreas Schierenbeck, president of building technologies at Siemens.

“To focus on making cities, and the world, greener and more sustainable, we must focus on the efficiency of buildings,” said Schierenbeck. “Zero-net-energy buildings will save significant energy and can even make money.”

Buildings now account for 40% of the world’s energy use and 21% of CO2 emissions, he said. And while Schierenbeck admits that focusing on buildings isn’t the only answer, it is a huge opportunity for reducing emissions and energy use. He closed with the charge that there are “no excuses” for not making progress, because we have the tools and technologies to start making an impact in this area.

Behavioral change is another challenge—in both transportation and building industries—which both experts admitted is not as easy to tackle.

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