Panel: Back to the Future of Mobility and Transportation

Posted on 24. Sep, 2010 by in Design & Culture

Mobility has been a hot topic at this year’s OG. Chris Paine, writer and director of Who Killed the Electric Car? (and the to-be-released Revenge of the Electric Car), moderated a powerhouse panel of mobility and transportation experts this afternoon.

The group touched on opportunities for more efficient transportation materials design, form design, transportation demand management and behavioral change. Most of the discussion centered on electric vehicles, carbon-fiber materials and that idea that much less (materials-wise) is more.

The panel included Rich Steinberg, leader of the BMW Group’s Battery Electric Vehicle programs in the U.S., Stuart Anderson, president of UrbanTrans North America, and three Automotive X-Prize winners: Roger Riedener, CEO of E-Tracer; Oliver Kuttner, founder and CEO of Edison2; and Frank Ziegler, of Li-ion Motors Corp.

Anderson asserted that commuting is the root of the transportation problem we’re facing.

“There are too many cars on the road and too many people driving alone,” said Anderson, who specializes in transportation demand management. He also said he hadn’t heard nearly enough about the idea of livability in the past two days of the conference.

Anderson urged panel and audience members not to look at solving the problem with technology alone. Rather, he asked that we encourage other forms of transportation including bicycling, walking, and electric car- and vanpooling.

Written by AHA! for Opportunity Green.

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