Successful Brands Deliver an Emotional Connection

Posted on 24. Sep, 2010 by in Design & Culture

Connecting emotionally with your customers was a common theme of the research presented during this afternoon’s breakout session.

Michela O’Connor Abrams, president and publisher of Dwell, presented her research on the new face of affluence this afternoon to an eager audience. Here are some takeaways:

  • “Successful brands deliver an emotional connection.”
  • “It’s all about meaningful materialism—they have an absolute need to be completely informed about that product. They want to know everything about a company before making their decision.”
  • The economy and sustainability are the two items most top-of-mind, but the desire for good design and functionality outweighed sustainability when making a purchase. Prestige is more important than luxury.
  • “They are loyal beyond any group we’ve ever seen—but they are more than willing to consider a new brand based on that relationship that a new brand shows them.”
  • Turning these loyal consumers into brand advocates delivers exponential returns. A participant in the study said, “If I find a brand I like and learn to trust for quality, design and value, I look there first and try new products they offer.”

Holly Jarrell and Tim Kenyon of GfK presented never-seen-before research on green consumer trends around the world. Key takeaways:

  • “In 2010, being environmentally responsible is not a differentiator—it’s expected of you around the world,” said Jarrell. “The only way it will be a differentiator is if you put back more than you take out.”
  • Intensity of concern about global warming varies. Although 93% of Latin Americans believe in global warming, 53% of North Americans do not. “Global warming is not the issue you can hang your hat on,” said Jarrell.
  • “In the United States you have to address skepticism, and bring it back to the personal level,” said Kenyon. Here, consumers want to know that a green product will work as well as a conventional one, and that it will help protect health and family.

Written by AHA! for Opportunity Green.

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