The Cutting Edge of the Future of Automobiles

Posted on 24. Sep, 2010 by in Design & Culture

The three innovators who took home the coveted automotive X Prize—$10 million split between the three of them—proved that it is possible for cars to get 100 MPG/MPG-equivalent. All three winners spoke at a panel this afternoon about modern mobility.

“What the X Prize did was help show the American public that electric vehicles are here, they’re available and they have range,” said Frank Ziegler, vice president of new business development for Li-ion Motors Corp. Li-ion’s electric vehicle took the prize for the side-by-side vehicle class with a 187 MPG-equivalent.

“We’re going to go to major automakers to license our technology,” he said. “That means new green jobs—and we’re keeping all manufacturing in the U.S.”

Oliver Kuttner is leader of the team that developed the Edison2, the car that took the top prize of $5 million in the mainstream class. Kuttner’s car is an internal combustion car that runs on E85—but it looks anything but mainstream.

“It was a departure from the ordinary because it had to be,” he said of his car’s design.

Roger Riedener, CEO and head of sales for Peravas Winterthur, whose electric X-Tracer took the prize in the tandem class, showed off an internal combustion version of the winning car.

His wife said the two of them used the X-Tracer to drive across Europe. “It’s great for long distances,” she said.

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