OG25 Green Business Start Up Competition: Product Design Winner – Life Box

Posted on 20. Oct, 2010 by in Design & Culture

Life Box @ Opportunity Green Business Conference 2010 from Opportunity Green on Vimeo.

The Life Box is a perfect example of a product that closes the loop on a cycle that begins and ends with Life.  Once delivered, a regular cardboard box dies at your doorstep, so to speak.  The conventional brown box serves only the purpose of delivering a product.  And then, at best, it is recycled. The Life Box is not just a box – it is a teaching tool that unfolds into a continuing, life-long experience.  It empowers individuals with the ability to sequester carbon by planting trees and making a positive difference.  The Life Box has ‘legs’, or more aptly trees, which will remind the receiver for years to come of their own thoughtfulness and that of the company who shipped it. The shared experience of everyone involved builds a community of those trying to help the planet with a long-lasting, and sustainable solution to climate change.  Watch David Censi make his one-minute pitch for Life Box, the 2010 OG25 Product Design Winner, at the Opportunity Green Business Conference.

For more information, visit the Life Box website: www.lifeboxcompany.com.

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2 Responses to “OG25 Green Business Start Up Competition: Product Design Winner – Life Box”

  1. Mistie

    19. Nov, 2010

    I love this concept! Especially when shipping food/aid to foreign countries.

  2. zeesha

    04. Sep, 2012

    comScore is proud of its partnership with Trees for the Future, and the 3 Million trees (link to http://blog.comscore.com/2012/04/comscore_plants_3_millionth_tree_as_part_of_trees.html) that have been planted as a result of this partnership so far. Since 1988, Trees for the Future has helped thousands of communities in Central America, Africa, and Asia improve their livelihoods by restoring degraded lands to sustainable productivity. The program is also active in the U.S., educating students and communities about global issues, the environment, and energy efficiency. This partnership is a great example of how business and environmental interests can overlap and create value for the broader global community.

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