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Posted on 20. Oct, 2010 by in Business & Policy

Social, Environmental, Ethical, Responsibility (SEER) is what Dr. Michael Crooke, former President and CEO of Patagonia, is teaching as part of the recently launched Eco-Entrepreneur MBA program at the Graziadio School of Business.

Patagonia’s early adoption of social and environmental responsibility led to the program, “1% for the planet”. A completely original and well-branded idea that has since been adopted by many other companies, and leading to the creation of an NGO that brings in over $20 million dollars annually to further these . What these companies found is that integrating a sustainability ethic has maximized their value to consumers.

Dr. Crooke took the lessons learned about this integration/creation at Patagonia and created a business model. The SEER model can be used by all businesses (whether non-profit or for-profit) to greater product quality, profits, and both customer and employee satisfaction. The model includes four macro values: financial, environmental, great product/service, and social responsibility. Within these four values, at the center of the model, you achieve “flow”. In the “flow”, a company is creating its best product/service and employee satisfaction and productivity is at its peak. None of the four macro values can be seen in isolation, but rather integrated to define the company, its workforce and its product. Dr. Crooke calls the SEER business model a “this is who we are” ethic. When companies make decisions – hire employees, create a product/service, set prices – they should always be done based on these four SEER values.

Bottom line: great companies don’t exist without great products/services, without great workforce. The SEER business model helps companies achieve greatness. Can you use the SEER model in your business?


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