Opportunity Green Vapur water bottle: a ‘must have’ when visiting Machu Picchu

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OG community member, Elizabeth Bachner, recently visited Machu Picchu and found her Opportunity Green Vapur water bottle was the smartest thing she packed.  This is her story:

It was so sad to see plastic bags and plastic bottles everywhere in Peru! In the rivers, streams, trees, and backyards.  It broke my heart.  On my walk down from an exclusive hike in Machu Picchu (Wayupicchu – only 400 people and no plastic bottles allowed), I collected plastic bottles that people just left behind in the middle of such awe inspiring beauty.

Unfortunately, tourists are encouraged to drink only bottled water in order to avoid digestive issues.  Why isn’t anyone creating a water filtering system in Peru?  Why is plastic-bottled water the only choice?  I would have been happy to pay for filtered water on my travels; to know that I was not absorbing all the plastic bottle toxins in my body.  I could go into all of the benefits of the Vapur bottle, but I’d just be preaching to the choir on this blog.   But I will say, I will never travel with a metal water bottle again.

Personally, I think there is a huge market – both for education and commerce - three simple “greening” ideas I have are:  1) create a filtered drinking water system 2) make the re-usable Vapur water bottles available and 3) make re-usable shopping bags available.  I think that the government of Peru should give every tourist a reusable shopping bag that fits into a day pack – even it if is dorky and says something like ”Show Peru some love and use this bag instead of plastic” as soon as they get off the plane.   That way, when tourists buy all their fantastic Alpaca sweaters and blankets, they don’t continue the endless consumption of plastic bags at the craft markets.  And in a perfect world, the tourist could buy their “I heart Machu Picchu” Vapur bottles and fill them up at water filling stations.

I’m sure that Peru is just one of the many tourists destinations in the world that could benefit from this “greening”. Maybe someone can start greening all of the 8 wonders of the world so they will continue to be around for people to enjoy and wonder about for generations to come.

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