OG25 Green Business Start Up Competition Winner: Zimride

Posted on 04. Jan, 2011 by in Awards, Entrepreneurship, Services

Zimride @ Opportunity Green from Opportunity Green on Vimeo.

Carpool 2.0, is how Lisa Galindo refers to Zimride, the OG25 Business Start Up competition winner. With a goal to bring a new form of sustainable transportation to millions of users around the world, Zimride is an on-demand ride-sharing social network providing  community powered, sustainable transportation. With partners like Zipcar and Live Nation and the power of social networking site Facebook, Zimride is working with over 70 of the nation’s leading universities and companies. Also named one of the “Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25″ by Businessweek, watch this video and see why Zimride is receiving much attention and praise.

For more information: www.zimride.com.

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    Oh! Congratulations Lisa for the win, you deserve it and keep it up!

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    Short but inspiring speech! brilliant idea from zimride, GOoD work guys :)

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  6. Continue your great work of providing sustainable transportation to millions, congratulations for your success, the much deserved one

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