Seventh Generation’s Message in a Bottle

Posted on 15. Mar, 2011 by in Design & Culture, Events, Products

Seventh Generation Natural 4x Laundry DetergentSeventh Generation once again proves that it is THE coolest, most innovative and socially responsible company with its debut of Natural 4x Detergent at Natural Products Expo West.

With its mission to “inspire a more conscious and sustainable world by being an authentic force for positive change”, Seventh Generation teamed with Ecologic Brands to create the world’s greenest laundry detergent packaging.  Made from 100% recycled cardboard and newspaper, the fully recyclable and compostable outer shell can be upcycled into new packaging and recycled up to seven times.  The monopolymer film pouch containing the detergent inside is nylon and laminate free.

Julie Corbett, Founder/CEO of Ecologic Brands, comments on this exciting launch: “Our mission all along has been to give consumers better packaging options.  Too much is spent on what’s inside—it’s every brand’s responsibility today to begin thinking about the outside.  I applaud Seventh Generation for taking the lead.”

Natural 4x not only uses 66% less plastic than typical 100 oz 2x detergent bottles, but it also leaves a much smaller carbon footprint.   The stackable cardboard shells are nine times more efficient to ship, meaning fewer trucks on the road.   “Seventh Generation has done so much on what’s inside the bottle,” said Peter Swaine, the company’s Director of Global Strategic Sourcing, “but now we’re focused on what’s on the outside, too.”

Even cooler yet, Seventh Generation announced that Ecologic Brands will take the three tons of cardboard waste created by the 3,000+ vendors at Natural Products Expo West and recycle it for reuse in Natural 4x packaging (producing approximately 200,000-300,000 containers)….soon to hit retail shelves near you!

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3 Responses to “Seventh Generation’s Message in a Bottle”

  1. Tom Jablonski

    05. Apr, 2011

    I will reserve the title of “THE coolest, most innovative and socially responsible company” for the company that comes up with reusable packaging that they actually reuse. Recycling might be a step above disposable, but in the end it still is disposable and uses up resources. Social responsibility is about reuse, not simply packaging made from recycled materials, that makes people feel good about consumption.

  2. myblogemail74

    21. Sep, 2011

    I recently saw some pieceson some news show like fox and The Journal with Joan lunden on PBS that were talking about the importance of industry stepping it up in recycling. As some are lagging far behind, there are companies out there really pushing the envelope right now and 7th gen along with Honest tea are among them. They deserve to be rewarded in terms of dollars I hope people recognize and support these brands.

  3. ccf_ideas

    29. Oct, 2012

    Great news for Seventh Generation and the planet! We recently wrote an article about Seventh Generation’s multi-faceted commitment to the environment, come by and check it out here:

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