Sponsor Post: Save $100 on Registration for Green:Net 2011

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Consumers Are Key

Apps for energy management. Consumer trials. Behavioral algorithms to change consumer behavior around energy usage. This year, the power of change rests in the hands of regular folks, like us.

At Green:Net 2011, we’ll be looking at the big companies and the key start-ups investing in and building consumer-facing energy solutions.

  • Why do telcos and cable companies — Verizon, AT&T, Motorola, Comcast and NTT DoCoMo — care about energy management?
  • Will the future of the smart grid be app-driven? See the software and applications that are gaining traction with consumers.
  • What are the early trials telling us? Has satisfaction with home-energy management solutions increased since last year?
  • Will the demand for smart home-energy solutions create a valuable market opportunity for service providers, startups and gadget makers alike?

GigaOM editors and analysts will lead a discussion with speakers from the most influential companies on powering solutions that consumers will embrace.

Speakers on this topic include:

  • David Crane - CEO and President, NRG Energy
  • Rob Bernard - Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft
  • Bill Weihl - Green Energy Czar, Google
  • Will West - CEO, Control4
  • Daniel Yates - CEO, OPOWER

Check the Green:Net conference schedule and speaker list for more details.

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