Top Ten Green News Stories of April 2011

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By Sara Glaser and Liz Holland

1. In Politics: Obama calls out climate deniers in Congress while stressing the urgency of moving forward in clean energy. Read full story at The Huffington Post

2. In U.S. News: The Gulf Oil Spill one year later, nothing fundamentally has changed. Large impacts are still being seen and damages are still being tabulated. Read full story at Rolling Stone

3. In “Green” Building: NASA will “LEED” the way this spring with the opening of their new Sustainability base that has been nicknamed NASA’s “latest mission on Earth.” Read full story at Construction Digital

4. In Tech: BMW to Launch NYC Tech Incubator With $100 Million Investment Fund BMW plans to utilize the Big Apple to discover where “the digital meets the offline” through innovation by launching their tech incubator. Read full story at

5. In Consumer Reports: OG partner, Ogilvy Earth’s new study, “Mainstreaming Green Behaviors Demands Massive New Approach”, reveals that a Green Gap exists in consumer behavior and how to close it. Read the full press release at Opportunity Green Insights

6. In Awards: Winners of the 2011 Webby Awards include Best in Green – plus Dropbox,, TechCrunch, FourSquare, Coca Cola and Vimeo. See all the winners at

7. In Clean Tech: Clean-tech venture capital jumps 54% in the first quarter. Green companies raised $1.1 billion in the first three months of 2011 with $637 million coming to CA. Read full story at LA

8. In Social Media: “Last August [Dell] opened a social-media university for employees across all of its divisions, where they learn the basics of how to use social media. It also created a social-media command center, a kind of mission control that provides resources and overall strategy. “We are training the whole company to listen.” Here are five of the best practices from companies to embrace and integrate social media into their business. Read full story at Wall Street Journal

9. In World Events: The Royal Wedding set the stage for explosive growth in the green wedding market for 2011 and 2012. From organic, local food to an ethanol powered Aston Martin, the wedding of the century was eco-chic. Read full story at Yahoo News

10. In OG News: OG’s own Emilie Cowan was featured on CBS’ The Early Show on Earth Day! Sharing great, new eco-friendly products from household cleaners to organic underwear, watch Emilie’s and OG’s primetime debut at Opportunity Green Insights

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    I really enjoyed reading these news! I’m glad to know that I haven’t missed the important ones! Thanks!

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