Top 7 Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

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Are you scouring to find that perfect gift? Of course, you didn’t forget Father’s Day is this Sunday. But in the unlikely event that you did, we at Opportunity Green have come up with a list of prospective eco-friendly gifts to give your dad that any other father would be green with envy to receive.


Herban Lifestyle Eco-friendly MAN Shaving kit –

Founded by herbalist and wellness consultant Mary Kearns, Ph.D., the brand offers a broad range of men’s and women’s products, all of which are formulated exclusively from organic and pesticide-free herbs, spices and essential oils– a healthy alternative to chemically based products commonly found on the shelves. Remind Dad this Father’s Day that organic skincare is not just for women. Men can feel masculine while maintaining soft skin. It’s true!
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H2O Water Powered Shower Radio—

This device makes use micro H2O turbine to produce the electricity to provide a radio in the shower making it energy efficient and eco-friendly. Whether your father enjoys listening to news radio or think he’s the next Sinatra, the technology of the H2O Water Powered Shower Radio is incredible!

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Eclipse Solar Gear-Solar Backpack –

This backpack is the perfect gift for a father that enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, or any other outdoor activity. This quality pack comes equipped with an integrated solar charging solution since in our day an age it’s difficult for almost anyone to leave technology behind. Now, even when he’s in the middle of nowhere, he can stay connected.

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Fair Trade Certified Sports Balls—

Fair Trade Sports, Inc is the first sports equipment company in North America to launch a full line of Eco-friendly, Fair Trade certified sports balls. After taxes, all profits are donated to children’s charities, both domestic and international. Give this football as a fun gift to promote the well being of your dad while simultaneously helping to conserve energy. Because some times dads want to relax and unwind by doing something other than sitting indoors and watching TV.

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Amazon Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device

Amazon has made the Kindle 3 6-inch e-reader smaller and lighter, and it has improved the screen. It has also adopted the key Wi-Fi feature. Not only does this device save trees but it also decreases the energy exhausted in the manufacturing, production, transportation of paper goods, printing, chemicals, and fossil fuels used in the process. Help your dad stay up-to-date with this popular green tech gadget.

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Seiko Solar Watch—

SEIKO was an early pioneer in Solar technology, with its first Solar watch being launched in 1977. By eliminating the need for battery change in a quartz watch, SEIKO Solar makes a valuable contribution to the steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle. This gift is timeless, stylish and practical.It’s versatile and perfect for any occasion. Give your dad the gift of punctuality just in time for Father’s Day!

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Neuton Battery Powered Lawn Mower –

Give dad a mower that just with one touch of a start button he can mow the lawn with ease without the troublesome fumes, noise, and vibration of a gas lawn mower. Since 2003, Neuton mowers have helped prevent over 47 million pounds of greenhouse gas pollution from entering the atmosphere. Just don’t get upset if you’re asked to push it around the yard to do the labor for him as well.

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  1. DennisLutz

    18. Jun, 2011

    @KristallLutz If the herban shave results in less frequency of need I’d take that. Perhaps I’m too green for the shower radio. I’d rather conserve the water, the shower should be short in duration- take it during a string of commercials. I started laughing at the solar backpack. A card made from recycled paper fits the bill nicely.

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