Countdown: I Wear Your Shirt Challenge

Posted on 20. Jun, 2011 by in Business & Policy, Events, Get Involved!

I’m excited to announce…

Opportunity Green has partnered with! We at Opportunity Green have been following these guys for three years now, and they are just brilliant!  For 365 days of the year, they wear a different company’s t-shirt each day and utilize social media to creatively promote the company! There are FIVE t-shirt wearers in five different cities across the US creating fun, unique and viral videos that are then distributed out into the world’s largest interconnected environment—the internet. Check them out!

Opportunity Green’s  “I Wear Your Shirt “day is Tuesday, June 28th, but we’re kicking it off early with a little social experiment of our own!  I am personally going to take on the challenge presented to me by Opportunity Green’s very own Co-founder and CEO, Karen Solomon, of wearing my Opportunity Green shirt out in public for ONE WHOLE WEEK.

Starting Monday, June 20th I will be a walking t-shirt billboard for Opportunity Green and will pass the torch to the talented team at – Jason, Deandre, Angela, Neal, and Amber on Monday, June 27th just in time for their big social media t-shirt promotion.  I will let you know each day where in Los Angeles I’m going to be via Twitter (@OppGreen).  See if you can find me…I’ll be in the one in an Opportunity Green shirt…and win an Opportunity Green t-shirt of your own!

Yep. I secretly think this challenge may be a trick, “Let’s play a prank on the new Social Media Manager!” But hey, look on the bright side of things, by me taking on this challenge we’ll be running a weeklong contest with awesome prizes to give away! I’ll need your support…so stay tuned.

Now, hop over to Facebook and “Like” the Opportunity Green Facebook page, join our newsletter, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @OppGreen and stay connected all of next week for your chance to win some great prizes!

Prizes up for grabs include:

  • Vapur Water Bottles
  • Opportunity Green T-Shirts
  • Opportunity Green Black+Blum bento lunch box


And more that can’t be missed….STAY TUNED!




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10 Responses to “Countdown: I Wear Your Shirt Challenge”

  1. KhathyHoang

    20. Jun, 2011

    I’d wear the OG shirt any day!

  2. Jessie Babiarz

    20. Jun, 2011

    I love I Wear Your Shirt!

  3. KristallLutz

    20. Jun, 2011

    I will wear my shirt with you ;)

  4. Marilyn Glaser

    20. Jun, 2011

    Cool T-shirt, Can’t wait to see/hear how the social experiment goes!

  5. Miki Koga

    20. Jun, 2011

    Good luck Sara – rock that OG shirt!

  6. Jenna Langer

    21. Jun, 2011

    Send a shirt to me and I’ll represent Opportunity Green around San Francisco! :)

  7. Opportunity Green Conference

    21. Jun, 2011

    Awesome! Jenna, email me your address at!
    P.S. We <3 Livefyre!

  8. NayeliGuerrero

    21. Jun, 2011

    This looks like so much fun! Plus, you can win prizes!!!

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