Going Nuts in (and for) “Whole Foods Parking Lot”

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Have you ever experienced rage while trying to park in a crowded parking lot? Or left Whole Foods scratching your head, wondering how your bill came to $80.00 when you only bought six items?  If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then you, too, will laugh in solidarity at the newest Youtube viral video, “It’s Getting Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot”.

In a hilarious tribute to the daily woes of the yuppie grocery shopper, the “Whole Foods Parking Lot” video features a DJ spinning out of the trunk of a Prius and manages to rhyme “brah” with “quinoa” in four minutes of quality YouTube programming.  It was written and produced by Dave Wittman and directed by George Woolley, along with other members of the San Francisco and Los Angeles-based creative collective Fog and Smog.

Released just ten days ago, the video has nearly 1.6 million views and counting.  The rap’s lyrics, which gripe about running out of “Humboldt Fog” and paying “80 bucks for 6 things”, ring all too true for LA’s master cleanse-drinking foodies.  Wittman said the inspiration for the video came out of his own everyday parking lot battles.

“On one particular day I was extra frustrated and just had to start laughing at myself arguing over a parking spot.  I mean, really… what if all Whole Foods were walking around with this gangster moniker, being all tough. C’mon. Tough guy needs to get his kale salad and quinoa? Please. You have to laugh at yourself, and that’s all this is!!” Wittman told Entertainment Weekly.

Whole Foods has wholeheartedly embraced the video for what it was intended to be – a lighthearted yet devastatingly accurate take on parking lot perils, all made in good fun.  The company’s VP of Communications, Sirr Less, offered these words to The Market Daily: “What a great video! We can’t stop watching it. We thank Fog and Smog for this effort and we are sharing it. It’s fun to see Whole Foods Market inspiring creativity, even in our parking lots.”

For those who just can’t get enough of the Kombucha-fueled hip-hop, instrumental and a capella versions are available on their website www.fogandsmog.com, and can be downloaded on iTunes or as a ringtone.  Our team at Opportunity Green just can’t get enough of this video!  When watching it for the first time, many of us quipped, “Hey, that’s my Whole Foods!”  The majority of us living on the Westside of Los Angeles instantly recognized the main video location as the Whole Foods on Lincoln and Rose in Venice, and agreed in both jest and in seriousness, that we’ve had the exact same experience as Wittman.  And hats off to Whole Foods for not only building such an amazing (and profitable) green business, but for being able to laugh along at the joke.




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2 Responses to “Going Nuts in (and for) “Whole Foods Parking Lot””

  1. KristallLutz

    22. Jun, 2011

    I live a mile from the Whole Foods featured (in Venice on Lincoln and Rose). I fell off my chair laughing when I saw this video. The parking situation IS that nutty. I will only go there on foot or bike because it’s so bad! Thanks for sharing this video with me, karen solomon !

  2. NayeliGuerrero

    22. Jun, 2011

    LOL! love it!

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