OG’s Top 10 Eco-friendly Office Supplies Part II

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After nearly two years, the OG Top 10 Office Supplies Awards is back with another set of high- and low-tech sustainable items for your daily grind. And the winners for best supporting items in a green cubicle are..

1. Herman Miller C2C Chair – you can check it out here: Aeron Chairs

If you think that comfort and style are at odds with environmental responsibility, then you haven’t seen the Herman Miller Cradle-2-Cradle (C2C) Aeron Chair. The chair’s adaptability, engineered comfort, and ability to be “upcycled” make it a prime candidate for green office remodels. Aeron Chairs can also contribute to LEED points for new construction and remodel projects as they are made from over 50 percent recycled material.

2.Killspencer® Repurposed Messenger — you can check it out here: Killspencer

Industrial fashion designer, Spencer Nikosey, is transforming the spoils of war into stylish, sustainable fashion. The Art Center College of Design graduate has developed the Repurposed Trackbike Messenger, a spacious and chic workbag made from “used in combat” materials, under his fashion design label Killspencer®. The bags are made of pre-civilian military tarp waste from Stewart and Stevenson seven-ton trucks. As with most second-life products, each Repurposed Trackbike Messenger bag has it’s own character and lovable imperfections. This bag is a durable, cutting-edge tool for the daily corporate battlefield.

3. Solar Powered Daylight Simulator — you can check it out here: Solaro Energy

There is no debate that daylighting is associated with worker productivity; however, in multi-story buildings, the concept of installing a tubular skylight is simply not feasible. Utilizing full-spectrum LED sunlight-mimicking technology and the sun’s energy, the Solaro Day seamlessly brings simulated daylight into virtually any building application.

The Solaro Day can be connected directly to a solar panel on the roof or to a back-up battery which stores energy from the sun for free security lighting in the evenings (up to 12 hours of storage capacity). This product makes our top ten for it’s innovation, ease of installation and affordability.

4. Stainless Steel Insulated “Venti” – you can check it out here: Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen, pioneer of stainless steal, toxin-free containers, has developed an insulated “Venti” container to ensure that our on-the-go coffee is both healthy and heated throughout most of the day.

This item is great as a last minute Father’s Day gift or just a practical purchase as part of the “ditch the double cupped morning grind” initiative.

5. Motion Sensing Power Strip — you can check it out here: Hi Saver

Did you know that there are vampires in your office? While they look nothing like Robert Pattinson, these watt-suckers are robbing you of electricity every day. Vampire, or Phantom, or Stand-By loads are the power that electronic devices use when they are turned off and still plugged in. Appliances use up to 25% of their standard power just to hibernate, maintain a digital clock, sustain light displays, etc…

Turning off power strips is a viable solution, but who has an office cubicle with an easily accessible power strip? For the practical greenie that wants to strike the equilibrium of energy efficiency and low-to-no back pain, the Hi-Saver power strip offers an innovative solution. Utilizing motion sensing technology, the Hi-Saver “smart” power strip allows you to kill all the unnecessary power generated from your computers, televisions and other electrical appliances every time you are not present. The Hi-Saver power strips have “essential” plugs to allow for certain devices, that need to be kept on all the time, to remain on as the rest of the vampires are eliminated.

6. “Water from the Air” AWG Machine — you can check it out here: EcoloBlue

The magician of the water industry, Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) systems turn humidity into a healthy supply of pure water. Dazzle clients and office personnel alike with the mysterious, delicious water flow with no water line connection in sight.

EcoloBlue has developed a stylish and efficient AWG system featuring a touchscreen, 12-stage filtration process and production capacity of up to 30 liters of water each day.

7. The Green Garmento — you can check it out here: Green Garmento

Tired of seeing all of those plastic laundry shop bags in your closet? If you think they take up a great deal of space in your home, just imagine the impact that they have on our landfills. Every year over 300 million pounds of single-use plastic drycleaning bags are dumped, and that’s just in the United States.

The Green Garmento is an affordable, 3-in-1 laundry bag that brings green and ease to the drycleaning cycle. The bag converts from a laundry bag, to a duffle for carrying a load to the cleaners, then to a garment bag for pickup day and beyond.

The Green Garmento has made our top ten because it is a simple solution to a huge, lingering problem.

8. B2P Pen – you can check it out here: Pilot Corporation

The Pilot Corporation has unveiled the all new Bottle-2-Pen line — the greenest mass-market rollerball to date. Made from 89% recycled PET plastic, the B2P Pen significantly reduces landfill packing and the petroleum required to create virgin plastic polymers.

The B2P Pen is engineered for optimal comfort and is available in four colours.

9. Dell Latitude E6410 Laptop — you can check it out here: Dell Latitude Series

In an industry plagued with social and environmental disparities, Dell has set out to prove that selling computers can be both equitable and profitable. Over the past decade, Dell has introduced several earth-friendly management policies such as bamboo packaging, a commitment to eliminating the usage of PVC and BFR, an internal ban on sending e-waste to developing countries and optimizing energy efficiency in products.

The Latitude E6410 Laptop has a 5.0 Energy Star rating and is made from 100% recyclable materials. In addition, the laptop is highly durable — arguably it’s most sustainable quality as the greenest laptop is the one you already have.

10. Biophilic Composting System — you can check it out here: Cooler Solutions

Composting is not just for granola gardeners and agribusiness. Cooler Solutions has developed the all-new Biophilic Composting System to reconnect people with nature in the workplace.“The Biophilic Compost introduces a beautiful living wall into the office environment and requires minimal upkeep”, notes Chris Ferguson, Partner at Cooler Solutions. “The idea of compost comes from the Biophilia hypothesis. Biophilia suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and living systems. People walk towards the garbage can and upon seeing the living wall they are unconsciously reminded that their food waste is part of a natural system. This encourages them to toss that banana peel or sandwich crust into the compost.”

In addition to the behavioral and waste reducing benefits of the Biophilic Compost system, the unit is very stylish and, as the living wall begins to grow, will add a dose of inspiration to your workplace.

We honorably mention an eleventh product on the OG Top Office Products list this year:

11. Time-Your-Power Sockets — you can check it out here: Belkin

The Belkin Conserve Socket Power Timer is a low-cost, practical tool that virtually eliminates the problem of neglected (unnecessary) energy loads.

Simply set the Belkin Conserve Socket to 30 minutes, 3 hours or 6 hours and leave the office with confidence that standby loads will not be lurking throughout the night. The Belkin Conserve Socket plugs directly into an existing wall outlet or power strip and can be moved around seamlessly to support your remodeling demands.

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