Top Ten Green News Stories of June 2011

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In World News: Strong incentives in European and Asian countries have given them the lead in clean energy technologies therefore causing U.S. to fall behind in the business of “Green.” Read more here.

In US News: First lady Michelle Obama speaks at the Agriculture Department in Washington, Thursday, June 2, 2011, to introduce the department’s “My Plate,” the new symbol of proper nutrition replacing the USDA’s formerly used food pyramid. Read more here.

In Tech: According to Greenpeace, Apple is at the bottom of the barrel among tech companies when it comes to sustainability, with a 54.4% reliance on coal.  What will the future bring as the internet expands and data centers continue to grow?  Read more here.

In Science: A sixteen-year-old boy discovers a plastic-eating microbe.  Could this be the solution to our insatiable appetite for plastic?  Or does this, as some readers suggest, open the doors to the possibilities of something else?  Draw your own conclusions here.

In Entertainment: If you’re a fan of last year’s sensation Avatar, you’ll want to check out director James Cameron’s sequel, which it to be fueled by a $5 million solar energy project in an attempt to keep the film’s production carbon-neutral.  Read more here.

In Design: Mayor Edwin Lee declares June 9th “Cradle to Cradle Day” in the city of San Francisco when Bill McDonough and Michael Braungart announce the launch of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. Read more here.

In Fashion: These trendy glasses by designers Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakamiare made of none other than human hair!  Check them out here.

In Food: For all you wine lovers out there, wine on tap has the potential to save on waste from corks, cases and bottles by utilizing pressurized nitrogen.  Unlike boxed wines, the wine never touches oxygen and taste is preserved perfectly- could this be the next big thing? Read more here.

In Business: In conjunction with the World Wildlife Foundation, Coca-Cola introduces the world’s first “living billboard” made out of Fukien tea plants and can absorb almost 46,800 pounds of CO2 annually.  Read more here.

In OG News: This past week, we here at Opportunity Green have been giving away a ton of free stuff, including handy Black & Blum bento boxes, awesome Vapur Anti-Bottles and OG T-shirts!   Keep tuned for more free stuff and your daily dose of green! Read more here.


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