Crowdsourcing: Vapur’s New Model for Design

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Staying hydrated has never been more stylish with Vapur’s spiffy new artist series “anti-bottles”, now available to help conscious consumers beat the summer heat.  The limited edition bottles feature the three winners of the 2010 “Thirst for Design” crowdsourcing competition launched by Vapur with Opportunity Green and Dwell Magazine.

Crowdsourcing has been an increasingly prevalent means for small businesses to tap into the abundance of talent in the global online community.  Crowdsourcing sites such as Eyeka, Hypios and Jovoto work to connect problems with problem solvers.

“The response from the design community during the competition was overwhelming,” said Vapur’s Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer Jason Carignan.  “Thanks to partners like Opportunity Green and Dwell, we got some great press coverage and received almost 1,000 submissions from all over the world which exceeded our wildest imagination.”

From a business standpoint, crowdsourcing can save both time and money on product development.  In a mere six weeks after posting its contest on Jovoto,Vapur received hundreds of designs; a feat that would have been otherwise impossible with its three staff designers.  Crowdsourcing also offers valuable consumer feedback and insight, though companies typically must offer a cash prize or other incentive to get the creative juices flowing.  For the problem solvers, these are opportunities to earn visibility and recognition.

“When we publicly unveiled the winning designs for the first time at Opportunity Green last year, the crowd erupted in applause.  We felt really great about the final selections and the crowd’s response affirmed that.”

I was honored when Jason asked me to be on the panel of judges given the incredibly difficult task of choosing a winner.  After much deliberation, we selected the three designs that best embodied the harmony of innovation, creativity and fun that is the heart of Vapur; “Aqua Libre” by Marcel Welk of Germany, “Bottle Dwellers” by David Herbst, also from Germany, and “Shark Bait” by Waqar Syed of Pakistan.  After a year of development, the new anti-bottles are finally set to arrive in stores this month.  The bold personalities of each design are out-shadowed only by the personalities of the holder.

When I asked which is his favorite, Jason replied, “While I love all of the designs in the Artist Series, I’m currently toting the brash, colorful ‘Aqua Libre’ Anti-Bottle – I just love the way the graphics pop on this design.” “But I think I’ll switch to Bottle Dweller this week.”  Maybe I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor, I thought the BloodyMary design was really clever.  I could see the Red Cross using it!

Congratulations to the winning artists!  Read more about the competition here and pick up your very own artist series anti-bottle at a store near you!

Read more about Vapur’s  “Thirst for Design” Crowdsource Competition on


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3 Responses to “Crowdsourcing: Vapur’s New Model for Design”

  1. alissamasutani

    01. Aug, 2011

    Haha, i love that Bloody Mary bottle! Vapur should look into product placement opportunities for the next Twilight.

  2. jasoncarignan

    02. Aug, 2011

    Thanks for the great article Karen…and for being such a great partner! Opportunity Green has been invaluable in our formation and growth over the past 2 years. What an awesome team!

  3. SarahRhoades1

    04. Aug, 2011

    I love my Vapur bottle and the new ones are SO cool looking!

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