OG25 Green Start-up Awards 2011: Open Call for Nominations

Posted on 15. Sep, 2011 by in Business & Policy, Clean Tech, Design & Culture

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS – Opportunity Green OG25 Awards

Past OG25 Winners Include ZimRide and Ecovative Design – Watch the videos of them on stage at Opportunity Green:

OG25 Innovative Startup Competition Winner 2010 – Zimride

OG25 Innovative Startup Competition Winner 2009

Hear the story of OG25 Winner Ecovative Design teaming up with Dell, named the “Greenest Company in America” by Newsweek, at the Opportunity Green Conference, November 10-11 in Los Angeles


For more info or to sponsor:

Casey Ly: (310)765-2233 x711

Opportunity Green – 1201 W. 5th Street, M210 Los Angeles, CA 90017

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5 Responses to “OG25 Green Start-up Awards 2011: Open Call for Nominations”

  1. Kevin Whilden

    16. Sep, 2011

    Great idea, although I’m disappointed that startup non-profits cannot be part of this contest. When it comes to sustainability, the lines between for-profit and non-profit are quite blurry anyway. Business is business, regardless of how you pay taxes, and the fundamental goal of ‘sustainable business’ is to create benefits for the public at large (e.g. clean air and water, social justice, local economic development, etc…)

  2. Opportunity Green Conference

    20. Sep, 2011

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for the input ..it is a blurry line sometimes. We’ll touch base with the team on your thoughts.

  3. BobVanderWoude

    31. Oct, 2011

    When will the finalists be announced?

  4. BobVanderWoude

    02. Nov, 2011

    One week to go before the Opportunity Green Conference — have the 25 startups been contacted or announced yet? Haven’t seen any posts or tweets — when will they be announced?

  5. zeesha

    04. Sep, 2012

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