Top Ten Green News Stories of September 2011

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In World Policy News: The first phase of the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, is set to expire in 2012.  Now, a new plan to curb climate change has potential of becoming a battleground between wealthy and poor nations.  Click here to read more about the negotiations.

In US News: President Obama has put focus on creating jobs in the green sector by creating a “Green Jobs Task Force” spearheaded by Vice President Biden.  Click here to learn more about this part of Obama’s stimulus plan which he says will double renewable energy to about 10% of the nation’s total production.

In Transportation News: According to, Hoboken, NJ has the highest rate of public transportation use in the country. They estimated an astounding 56% of working men and women are traveling to work “car-free” in Hoboken.  Read here to learn more about how Hoboken became highest on the list.

In Climate Change News: As well as being America’s first National Park, Yellowstone is part of the biggest intact ecosystem in a temperate zone in the northern hemisphere.  However, climate change is threatening the ecosystem of this national landmark.  This article warns that warming in the area could have devastating effects such as wildfires and loss of moisture-dependent trees.

In Sustainable News: Girls Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) show their commitment to the environment by promoting sustainable palm oil practices. Although GSUSA only uses about .001% of the world’s supply of palm oil, GSUSA is addressing the concerns about the deforestation of sensitive lands currently caused by the production of palm oil.  Clickhere to read more about how this pledge started from two teenage girl scouts who wanted to make their cookies rainforest safe.

In Sports News: Sports and Entertainment Juggernaut AEG recently released their plans for the creation of a new eco-friendly stadium in Downtown Los Angeles. On September 27, 2011, CA Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 292 which would allow all legal challenges to the Stadium’s environmental impact report to be heard immediately; in exchange AEG pledges to make the new Farmer’s Field carbon-neutral.  Global Architecture firm and Opportunity Green presenting sponsor, Gensler has been awarded the bid to design the 70,000+ seat stadium.  Read here to learn more about the environmental efforts of the proposed new stadium.  

In Climate News: Officials are reporting that 13 miles above the Arctic, 80% of the Ozone was lost.  It is suggested here this may be due in part to our use of Ozone-destroying chemicals that became prevalent late last century.

In Energy Efficiency News: Opportunity Green’s Environmental writer Sarah Hadburg interviews the Director of the Institute for Building Efficiency.  Click here to find out the biggest single driver of energy efficiency.  

In Clean Tech News: Fearing that a lack of clean and affordable energy will jeopardize global efforts to combat poverty and disease, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched a new green initiative that would double the share of renewable energy globally by 2030. Click here to read more of the article in which Mr. Ban wishes to “put sustainability into practice.”

In Opportunity Green News: The annual Opportunity Green Celebrity Eco-Maverick Award celebrates a member of the entertainment industry who passionately strives to drive environmental efforts. The recipients of this year’s Opportunity Green Eco-Maverick award have been given to actor/filmmaker Adrian Grenier of Entourage and film producer Peter Glatzer for their role in founding; a multimedia platform website devoted to conveying a more sustainable approach to the way we live through video, design, art and culture.



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