OG 11 Biomimicry: Emulating Nature’s Genius

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Attendees of the biomimicry workshop at OG 11

Aron Bosworth, Sustainability Advisor with Brightworks, an educational and consulting firm presented Biomimicry: Emulating Nature’s Genius this afternoon. Those in attendance listened intently to Bosworth’s presentation on biomimicry, that is, the investigation and search of nature for solutions to humanity’s form, process, and system design challenges.

Mimicking form

“Nature is such a good teacher because it’s had over 3.5 billion years,” Bosworth said of the research and development experience of planet earth. Businesses, he added, are increasingly recognizing biomimicry as a powerful design and innovation tool because it “broadens the solutions space.” However, he dispelled possible presumption that biomimicry is just recreation of aesthetics. “We have to understand the context of nature,” according to Bosworth. When biomimicry is done right, where it is properly designed to biology, innovation has a chance to meet sustainability.

Bosworth described the success found by companies such as Canada’s WhalePower, having brought high efficiency, tubercled airfoil design to the marketplace, that have looked to nature as mentor, modeled according to it, and measured against a magnificent ocean denizen.

A truly fascinating presentation on life’s principles.


Photo Source: Michael Chapdelaine


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