OG 11 Introductions and Morning Keynotes

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Jennifer Schwab and Boise Thomas kick off the conferenceennifer Schwab right on point. She says, “today’s conversation is about getting the general public to embrace green.” She introduces Karen Solomon as “the Queen of all things sustainable in Los Angeles.”

Jennifer Schwab and Boise Thomas kick off the conference

Opportunity Green CEO Karen Solomon

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin pulled no punches in a conversation on his outlook for sustainability in America. He took on the media’s preference for ”sound bites versus substance” and stressed that the United States’ tendency toward undeclared foreign wars is wasting dollars overseas. The Governor feels that the American people need to have the courage to face the truth and politicians, for their part, need to be concerned with more than reelection.


Governor Shumlin discusses the intersection of foreign policy and sustainabil


The Governor’s words were very well received by an audience evidently appreciative of his candor.


Photo Source: Michael Chapdelaine



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