OG 11 Keynote – Redefining Design

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Yves Behar discusses the modern redefinition of design

This morning, keynote speaker Yves Behar, Founder and Chief Designer of fuseproject, delivered an inspring presentation on the new role of design in business that is both cost effective and socially beneficial. Behar’s view is that designers are the drivers of American entrepreneurialism and change.

Clever Little Bag

Behar pointed to Puma’s new shoebox as his first example. The motive behind improving something as environemntally innocuous as a shoebox was the simple question, “can we do a little better?” Thus was born the “clever little bag” using 55 % less material. As Behar says, “sustainability can be done at the same cost or less,” when designers are unleashed and given the opportunity to explore. “Create your own theories,” suggests Behar.

Behar humorously pointed out that offering products at a lower price point and with a reduced carbon footprint can be pretty straightforward, in many cases, such as with clothing.

Simple genius: let's fold a t-shirt one more time!

The so-called 360 degree business model advocated by Behar moves beyond learning about the whole context of a linear project. It involves taking products to market and being sensitive to the way it’s experienced. The continuum of adjustment and refinement of the 360 approach abandons the mindset of finishing products as fast as possible, which disincentivizes good design work.

Continuum of the 360-degree model

The success of allowing designers into the entire story of a product and business is well proven by companies such as Apple. As Behar states, “good design accelerates the adoption of new ideas.”


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