OG 11 Social Innovation Case Study: HydroPack and Bringing Water Back to Life

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Gaylon White holds up a HyrdoPack pouch

Opportunity Green 2011 was honored this morning to have Los Angeles-born Gaylon White, Director of Design Programs at Eastman Chemical Company, present on the amazing HydroPack pouch.

This was a story about technology, material science, design, and love for humanity. For years, humanitarian relief and distribution has been predicated on delivery of clean water from afar. Reliance on this distribution resulted in 7,000-10,000 deaths per day over a 10-day period in Rwanda. Water was there, but none that could be drunk.

The HydroPack approach works with the water in place. It pulls, via forward osmosis, and completely filters heavily polluted water into the pouch to meet and combine with a variety of nutrient-rich mixtures to serve as a lightweight, portable, durable alternative to bottled water in the first phase of disaster relief. The HydroPack technology works even when presented with virus-laden saltwater tainted with heavy metals! Tests on HydroPack-filtered water find no contaminants compared its source.

Gaylon White prepares for drink from a HydroPack pouch pulled out of a bucket of sewage

A product originally driven per the interests of the space program and military, the HydroPack pouch has further developed and proven itself in demonstration projects collecting independent health and scientific data in the world’s most pressing water environments. Modern Edge helped conduct research to understand community needs such that the product complements local norms and is a harmonious addition to societies and environments.

With all these considerations, HydroPack pouches are ready for “drop & drink,” whereby they can be pushed out the rear of cargo aircraft and virtually anyone on the ground unfamiliar with the pouch can intuitively use it correctly under stress. White pointed out that had HydroPack pouches been used in Haitian relief efforts, the United States could have saved $750,000 per day versus established water delivery.

Karen Solomon and Gaylon White

Gaylon White and his associates are true humanitarians dedicated to helping fulfill basic human needs so that people can have an opportunity to reach their full human potential. Opportunity Green CEO Karen Solomon was visibly moved by White’s presentation and welcomed him as the latest member of her “Mafia for Good.”

“We look forward to challenging the status quo and winning,” White concluded. Cheers, Mr. White.


Photo Source: Michael Chapdelaine


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  1. KristallLutz

    12. Nov, 2011

    I cannot wait to see the video from this speech!

  2. KristallLutz

    12. Nov, 2011

    I cannot wait to see the video from this speech!

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