Going Further

Posted on 17. Jan, 2015 by in Design & Culture, Products

Hey Further,

You know what I like about you? I like that you’re an amazing product. You work well, you’re well made, you smell great, you’ve got hip, well-designed packaging, you’re biodegradable, you’re never tested on animals and you’ve got a great story.
Most products on the market today have a linear lifespan. You, however, are different. You came about as a byproduct; glycerine left over from your cool owners’ process of making bio-fuel for their car. You sprang forth from depleted waste grease collected from some of LA’s finest restaurants including Mario Batali’s famed Osteria Mozza. Then you were sold back to them to create a perfect sustainable circle.

Your motto: “FURTHER HAND SOAP will not only leave your hands feeling squeaky clean, but will freshen your conscience and inspire your soul.” is so true. I feel inspired by you.

And you, Further Hand Lotion, in particular. How’d you get to be so creamy and perfect? My love for you boarders on obsession.

Thank you for existing and bring joy, happiness and cleanliness to those around you.

With love and devotion,

Your Loyal Customer

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  1. soo…are we gonna smell like LA’s food scene when using these? haha
    Haven’t tried these yet so I’ll have to keep eyes peeled.

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