Opportunity Green Business Conference 2011 Speakers

Annie Lescroart

Annie Lescroart @eBayGreen

Senior Manager, Sustainability Communications
eBay Green Team

Annie Lescroart has spent her career helping companies and nonprofits articulate and communicate the ways in which they make the world a better place. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she spent nearly five years working for communications firms in New York and Boston. There, she consulted with clients that ranged from the United Nations to Harley Davidson to Pfizer, helping them build and execute meaningful communications platforms for their causes and social commitments. Now happily back in the Bay Area at eBay, she is a card carrying member of the nearly 300,000-member Green Team, where she focuses her efforts on digging up the great green stories that lie within the eBay universe and finding new ways to tell them to the world.

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