Opportunity Green Business Conference 2011 Speakers

Dan  Sturges

Dan Sturges @DNAsturges


Dan Sturges became fascinated with transportation the day he held his first Hotwheels toy car in his hand. Trained as a transportation designer at the Art Center College of Design, Dan has been helping to expand transportation options for over 20 years. After graduation from Art Center, Dan worked briefly as a car designer at General Motors. Soon after he started his own company trans2, introducing a new federally-recognized class of personal vehicles, the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. The company changed hands and now produces the GEM as a Chrysler subsidiary. Mr. Sturges has since blended a life as a designer, system designer, and futurist. He has partnered with Institute of Transportation Studies at UC-Davis, UC-PATH Innovative Mobility Group, Caltrans, CALSTART, the Federal Transit Administration, and the international design house, frogdesign. Always creatively venturing into innovative space, Sturges is comfortable drawing from and applying business models, new technology, smart use of the digital revolution, consumer demand and public policy. His personal mission: to enable people to enjoy efficient, economical and environmental sustainable personal mobility. His most recent exploration has been IntraGo an integrated transportation solution designed to expand “last mile” options. He is fascinated by the untapped potential of the digital revolution in creating innovative, right-size transportation options. He is a frequent speaker at events ranging from TED Conferences to the Boulder (Colo) Economic Summit. He continues to serve on the United States’ Transportation Research Board (committee for New Public Transportation Systems and Technology).

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