Opportunity Green Business Conference 2011 Speakers

Natacha Arnaud Battandier

Natacha Arnaud Battandier

Sustainability Director
Opportunity Green

Natacha joined Opportunity Green several months ago.
In charge of the Green Team, she has defined the company’s sustainability strategy for 2011 and pushed Opportunity Green to innovate sustainably.
2011 key initiatives include a resource recovery program over a two-week period, alternative travel solutions for attendees, an electronic conference program, a sustainability report using GRI framework, the offset of 100% travel and energy carbon emissions and stakeholder engagement.

Natacha has more than 10 years of experience as an internal or external sustainability and strategic planning consultant for mid size and international companies from various sectors.
While she was in France, she also started her own company, creating a fair trade wholesale and retail business.

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