Opportunity Green Business Conference 2011 Speakers

Mia Ginsburg

Mia Ginsburg

Host of Mia's Show

At just 11 years old, Mia is not your ordinary pre-teen. Between studying for spelling and math tests, she is the host of the environmentally conscious Internet series, "Mia's Show." From Ed Begley Jr. to Bronson Pelletier of "Twilight" fame, along with famous artist like Justin Beiber, Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas and Jason Derulo, Mia interviews celebrities and other "green" enthusiasts, spreading the word to teach kids, and adults alike, all about green living.

"I want both kids and their parents to know that that being green is not hard work. They should think of it as fun and something that they can do together," says Mia. "It's important because our planet is providing us with so much and the least we can do is help the earth to be clean!"

The series airs on TreeLiving.com and tackles tough issues in a language that both kids and adults can understand. Mia interviews social conscious celebrities and personalities working in green industries to teach viewers practical ways to take better care of our planet. Past episodes have included such topics as "greening" your work space, healthy eating and recycling.

Her high-energy personality and love of Mother Earth have made Mia, not only an entertaining host to watch, but also the perfect spokesperson for the next generation of environmentalists. She can routinely be heard telling celebrities on the red carpet to take shorter showers to save water, instructing her teachers on the benefits of using recycled paper, educating her parents on the use of energy-efficient light bulbs, and sharing the latest green practices with her friends.

And just how can kids today be more green: "Well, since kids are kids, first I think that instead of playing electronics indoors, we should go outside and ride our bikes. Second, we should start recycling as much as we can, so it will become a habit and then we will recycle more often. Third, we should ask our parents to start up a carpool club with our friends to save gas!"

Mia is currently in the 6th grade and attends school in Calabasas, California. When she is not in school or promoting world change, she enjoys playing tennis, dancing, sketching, playing with her dog, and of course, being with her friends.

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