Opportunity Green Business Conference 2011 Speakers

Steven Kline

Steven Kline @PGE4Me

VP, Corporate Environmental & Federal Affairs & Chief Sustainability Officer
PG&E Corporation

Steven L. Kline is Vice President of Corporate Environmental and Federal Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer for PG&E Corporation. He is responsible for environmental policy activities for PG&E Corporation, as well as for oversight of the corporation's Washington, D.C., office. Kline also serves as the senior liaison with federal elected and regulatory officials.
Kline joined Pacific Gas and Electric Company in 1980. After holding a series of positions of increasing responsibility in the utility's Regulatory and Corporate Planning organizations, he was elected to his current position with PG&E Corporation in 1998. Prior to his current position, he was Vice President of Regulation at Pacific Gas and Electric Company, responsible for overseeing federal and state regulatory activities, revenue requirements and cost of services.
Kline was a participant in the California Collaborative that, in January 1990, produced the Energy Efficiency Blueprint for California, a guide for California to reassert its leadership in energy efficiency.
In addition to his duties at PG&E Corporation, Kline serves on the Boards of the China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance, Advisory Council for Resources for the Future and Executive Leadership Council for The Nature Conservancy.
Kline is also on the board of trustees at Coe College, where he earned a bachelor's degree in international politics and economics. He holds a master's degree in diplomacy from The Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at The University of Kentucky and is a graduate of the Executive Management Program at the University of Michigan Graduate School of Business.

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