Opportunity Green Business Conference 2010
Sustainability Report

Integrated reporting starts with traditional financial reporting, but it also includes the positive and negative impacts an organization has on people and the environment.

Each year, our corporate sustainability program has a goal: to inform our stakeholders of our performance with a clear and concise report.

Our 2010 Opportunity Green Conference Sustainability Report highlights key environmental impacts that resulted from the event.

Download the Opportunity Green 2010 Sustainability Report

We were pleased to see our performance from 2009 to 2010 improved in many ways. One highlight: we increased our Diversion Rate (the volume of material diverted away from landfill) from 84% in 2009 to 96% in 2010!

However we can still do better in many areas.

For example, we know our transportation environmental impact remains too high (0.43 tons of CO2 per attendee).

To contribute to balance that, Opportunity Green offset, in 2010, 65,000 pounds of carbon emissions through carbon offsets provided by NextEra Energy. This year, our company is committed to offsetting 100% of attendees’ transit carbon emissions.

In 2011, Opportunity Green will use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as the framework for its reporting.

The GRI is a program of the United Nations and evolved from the UN Global Compact. We will use GRI because, worldwide, it is one of the most widely-adopted integrated reporting frameworks with more than 1400 organizations issuing GRI-based reports in 2009.

For our company, it is a big challenge that we are eager to take up!