Opportunity Green Events: San Francisco VIP Party

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Arno Harris (Recurrent Energy), Nadine Burke (SF Supervisor), & Ross Mirkarimi

Allison Tryk (Earth Lust) & Stephanie Bernstein (To-Go Ware)

Emilie Cowan (Ecofabulous), VIP Attendee, & Allison Tryk (EarthLust)

Collin Breakstone & Joslyn Van Arsdale

Mike Flynn, Nadine Weil (Heart of Green), Zem Joaquin (Ecofabulous), & Karen Solomon

Jeff Wilcox & VIP Attendees

Caitlyn Bristol, Zem Joaquin, &Emilie Cowan (Ecofabulous)

VIP Attendees

Marla Stauer, Joslyn Arsdale (Eco Citizen), Jennifer Sick (MedSpa), & Heidi Pettic (Vipre)

Daniel Kraft, Zem Joaquin (Ecofabulous), & Mark Dwight (Rickshaw Bagworks)

Mike Flynn, VIP Attendee, &Juergen Dold

VIP Attendee & Neil Gottlieb

William Acevedo, Juergen Dold, Optimist, Karen Solomon, Anthony Gilmore (VP, Safeway)
Michael Pace (W San Francisco) & VIP Attendee

Sean Gourley (YouNoodle), Christopher Cohen (479 Popcorn), Kirill Makharinsky (YouNoodle) & VIP Attendee

VIP Attendees

Emilie Cowan & Catiyana Williams (Greenopia)

Sean Gourley & VIP Attendees

Dan Whaley, Climos & Nadine Weil

Anthony Gilmore & Emily Morse

Nadine Weil, VIP Attendees, & Jennifer Dawes (Dawes Design)

Mark Dwight (CEO Rickshaw Bagworks) & Nadine Weil

VIP Attendees

William Acevedo (Wendel Rosen, Black, & Dean) and VIP Attendee

VIP Attendee & Jim Buckmaster (CEO, Craiglist)