Opportunity Green
Green Business Startup


The 3rd annual green startup competition recognizes twenty-five of the most innovative eco-startups of 2011.

OG25 Innovative Green Startup finalists will be showcased in a fast-pitch competition on Nov 11th at this year's Opportunity Green conference, November 10-11th at Los Angeles Center Studios.

  • Opportunity Green
  • Aeroclay

    From insulation to absorption, sound barriers to packaging, Aeroclay is an advanced materials company dedicated to creating the perfect innovative, high-performance, and eco-friendly materials to meets your business's needs.


  • Alphabet Energy

    Alphabet Energy allows for customers to convert their waste heat to electrical power in the range of microwatts to megawatts. Their revolutionary, all-silicon thermoelectric approach is the only of its kind that lends itself to massive scale, low cost, and high sustainability.


  • Bottlehood

    Bottlehood takes used bottles, barrels and other used products to convert them into well designed glasses, tumblers, vases, jewelry and more.


  • Bright Farms

    BrightFarms designs, finances, builds, and operates hydroponic greenhouse farms at supermarkets eliminating time, distance, and cost from the food supply chain.


  • Cardborigami

    Cardborigami, a portable, waterproof, and flame-retardant shelter, is an innovative approach to alleviating homelessness. Providing protection from the elements, Cardborigami supplies instant shelter for those who have nothing.


  • Dozuki

    Committed to changing the repair industry, Dozuki creates wiki-style repair manuals for brands, available to be downloaded as an applicaiton or PDF, or easily accessible online.


  • Eco Aluminum Pallets

    Eco Aluminum pallets is a viable alternative to plastic and wooden pallets, allowing the worldwide transportation of goods with lower fuel consumption and lower green house gas emissions.


  • Egg Energy

    With the goal of providing power throughout the entirety of the developing world, EGG Energy provides electronic power in the form of portable, rechargeable, and affordable batteries to low income African houses.


  • Grid Test Systems

    Grid Test Systems provides unique portable test equipment to confirm the safety and operational status of Electric Vehicle Charging Systems, helping to build a future where you can plug your vehicle into any public or private EV Charging station to fuel up.


  • Honest Buildings

    Honest Buildings is part of the next great shift change in the movement to create and develop high performance buildings. Through a collaboration-based platform, it offers mechanisms for owners, managers, and occupants of buildings to showcase their latest innovations.


  • Kiverdi

    Kiverdi develops alternative fuels and bio-products to reduce the reliance on carbon dioxide emissions without posing a threat to natural habitats or impacting the economics of food production.


  • Langson Energy

    Revolutionizing the economics of green energy, Langson Energy has created the Gas Letdown Generation, an efficient and unique power conversion system, which turns gas pressure into power.


  • Makani Power

    Makani Power creates airborne wind turbines to extract energy from powerful winds at high altitudes. These turbines produce energy at an unsubsidized real cost that is competitive with coal-fired power plants.


  • Nest

    The Nest is a learning thermometer, which programs itself within a week to keep you comfortable while saving energy, creating the perfect balance between conservation and comfort.


  • Practically Green

    A leading program for "greening" your everyday lifestyle, Practically Green applies sustainability and eco-consciousness to businesses and people, incorporating environmental awareness and actions into our world, one person at a time.


  • QuaDror

    QuaDror is a new space truss geometry that unfolds manifold design initiatives and can adapt to various conditions and configurations. It creates a new framing system for all kinds of buildings, striving for a better world through creativity.


  • Recycling Shower

    The water recycling shower incorporates a recirculation system that automatically cleans, filters, and pasteurizes your shower water in less than 30 seconds.


  • RepRisk

    RepRisk monitors companies and their environmental, social, and corporate governmental risk exposure. On a daily basis, they screen thousands of sources including all major print media, over 700 NGOs, blogs, and newsletters.


  • Seglet

    Seglet connects property owners with commercial and individual users interested in renting or profit-sharing rooftops to generate new forms of solar energy, urban agriculture, wind energy, and more.


  • Soladyne Capital

    SolaDyne Capital is a hybrid engineering–finance firm that develops and implements units in a renewable energy efficient system for institutional, corporate, and government clients.


  • Solar Mosaic

    Promoting clean, renewable energy, Solar Mosaic brings people together to build community solar projects on building that have the ideal roofs and space.


  • Spinlister

    Spinlister is a bike rental marketplace that allows you to find a great bike to rent or list your bike to earn cash, connecting individuals who wish to travel and explore in an environmentally friendly way.


  • The Mutual

    The Mutual is a platform that connects businesses, non-profits & individuals in a design that makes it easy & advantageous for each to support the environment in a relevant way. Donate to charities & get rewarded with Perks from great brands.


  • Transonic Combustion

    Transonic Combustion is a revolutionary combustion system enabled by injecting supercritical fuel directly into the combustion chamber, achieving significant fuel efficiency improvements for globally sustainable transportation.