Andreas Schierenbeck, President of Siemens on Smart Building Design- Opportunity Green 2010

About this video:

As President of Siemens Industry Inc. and an expert in sustainable technology, Andreas Schierenbeck discusses cities of the future; addressing all aspects of sustainable city infrastructure, including transportation, traffic systems, airport technology, water and waste management, green buildings, mobility and how together they work to enable sustainable consumption.

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As President of the Building Technologies Division of Siemens Industry and an expert in sustainable technologies, Andreas will discuss the role technology plays in sustainable urban development now and into the future. He will address key aspects of sustainable city infrastructure, focusing on building's the structures that define our daily lives and the energy and resources they consume. Energy efficiency is the key to our cities' sustainable future and Andreas will reveal how smarter buildings, combined with smarter power transmission grids can deliver a cascading array of economic, social and environmental benefits. Siemens is a true leader in sustainability, and through its people, products and solutions it offers answers to some of the world's toughest questions.

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