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Trending data help make your business simple and green

Our mission is to provide powerful E-commerce shopping data to help entrepreneurs discover profitable e-commerce opportunities.

In the last decade, e-commerce has seen spectacular growth, and future trends show no sign of it letting up. There’s no question about who the biggest fish in the e-commerce sea is; Amazon dominates the marketplace, and opportunities for sellers on Amazon are incredible.

OpportunityGreen.com was built to help everyone capitalize on the Amazon opportunity, from seasoned entrepreneurs to bustling enterprises to anyone who just wants to be their own boss. With our suite of tools, you can maximize your visibility and sales on Amazon and truly take advantage of this unique opportunity.

How Opportunity Green Works?

New Opportunity Green was created in 2020 by Michael Springer, who is a coder and an eCommerce entrepreneur mainly for amazon. To develop products for himself and to recommend products to his fellow sellers on amazon, He Established Opportunity Green Finder.

Why is Opportunity Green free?

Be Open to building a better market

Being open-minded, like open source, we make our website FREE to visit.

The open source movement has been successful because it has made the world more innovative and competitive.

Amazon is a great company, and they provide sellers with effective data, Especially the ABA data, that helps sellers develop more cost-effective and more marketable products for consumers to meet the needs of users.

Unlike other data companies serving Amazon, Junglescout, Sellersprite, Helium10, and so on, they run as SaaS - Software as a Service. The founder, a programmer with an open-source gene decided that the data he collected should be a free tool for amazon users, hoping that both consumers and sellers could benefit from the data on or from amazon.

Algorithm & Philosophy

Simplifying the essence of things

Our algorithm uses the simplest model, and we believe that simplicity is the best principle. For example, One of the most important data sources is Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) data, and try to make the ABA data shine and be effective by showing its value. Instead of going to other data companies and making complex algorithms in a black box.

What is OpportunityGreen Offer?

Shopping Trends

  • Collected & Integrated data from Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA)
  • Ranking trending keywords for current consumer needs
  • Found consumer demand within the market updated weekly

Market Research

  • In-depth market analysis reports with Estimated search market value
  • Valuable market ranking to help you choose profit product
  • Data-driven data to find similar market and product

Keyword Report

  • Track keyword(s) rank change while gathering traffic-driving keywords by ASIN
  • All-encompassing search volume database based on the "Simply- Best" algorithm
  • Estimated and calculated the value of the search market of Keyword

Keyword Analytics

Product Analysis

  • Over 10 million products (Asin data) unique datasets are available (updated Weekly)
  • Asin data includes detailed listing information, including Price, Ratings, FBA fees, and more
  • Find and Track similar Asin (competitor's products) with Traffic Analytics

Reverse Asin Keywords

What will Come Soon?

Brand Analysis

  • Estimation of brand value with ranks (Beta)
  • Trend analysis of the brand on amazon (Beta)

Free Tools

  • Amazon ASIN Lookup (Developing)
  • Amazon Sale Estimators (Developing)
  • Profit Calculator (Developing)

History of OpportunityGreen.com

Green Opportunity Finder, formerly Opportunity Green Conference, is here to help you discover the latest shopping trends and popular products; stay up-to-date with sustainable and trending business opportunities for the brightest innovators.

[New] Green Opportunity Finder - From 2021 to Now

The Green Opportunity Finder was created by Michael Springer. During the coronary epidemic, he was stuck at home and noticed that business was booming for e-commerce, particularly Amazon FBA business.

Michael Springer became a successful Amazon seller in 2020. He started making new products to sell, but finding and Developing a profitable product is not easy. To help people find profitable products, he came up with the idea to create a website that discovers profitable e-commerce opportunities.

October 2022, Michael Springer decided to open up data for free!

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Opportunity Green Conference - From 2007 - 2021

Opportunity Green used to stand for "Opportunity Green Conference" which was the largest B2B multidisciplinary sustainability conference, bringing together today's leading companies and visionaries and showcasing the authentic players, sought-after opportunities, and profound innovations driving today's new green economy. From Fortune 500 powerhouses to inventive startups, OG attracts over 1000 professionals and executive decision-makers from around the globe 

Opportunity Green Conference

At that time, Opportunity Green inspired a collaborative culture of new thinking and unconventional ideas that pushed a change in unexpected ways, aiming to create innovation, collaboration, and inspiration amongst industry leaders and the next generation of thought leadership to develop and implement sustainable business solutions.

They were not about business as usual and facilitated the movement to transform business for good, through advancing change and market transformation by providing open-minded professionals with distinctive approaches to sustainability that were bankable and exciting. In everything we do, we seek to balance the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

The purposed was to fill your head with knowledge you can use: ideas, new trends, and amazing ingenuity. They seek to create forums diverse in content that generate dialogue and create valuable connections between individuals. That had revolved around helping transform business as usual by partnering with extraordinary visionaries, forward thinkers, creative industry leaders, and companies committed to building profitable + sustainable enterprises while solving some of the world's toughest problems.

They believed in collaboration with individuals and organizations that looked to push the envelope by creating a mutually supportive community that was invested in the future of our society and acts as a catalyst for positive change.

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Last Updated: October 30,2022